North Greenwich and Back Again An Actor's Notes by Tom Riley

The Genesis Foundation website published an account, written by Tom, of his second year experiences at LAMDA.

Saturday, 11 March 2006

At the end of my second year at LAMDA, when my class was told that for the 'Long Project' (only one important module of our three year training, the one in which the year - in collaboration with a playwright and director - devises and performs a new piece of writing) we would be working with Mark Ravenhill, there was a slight unease.

Mark is a controversial playwright of huge renown. Very much in the tradition of what the theatrical journalist Aleks Sierz - coining a new phrase -“ characterized in the mid-nineties as the 'In-Yer-Face' writers, Mark Ravenhill's plays all had caused tremendous shock waves.

I Want Candy: Verve interview

TS from the forum came across this brilliant interview with Tom for Verve magazine, to promote the film I Want Candy. The transcript is here.

Maidstone's very own Tom Riley is soon to become a household name as he stars in the brand new comedy from Ealing Studios – I Want Candy. Set to be this year's juiciest British comedy, the film also features Hollywood pin-up Carmen Electra, Eastenders' star Michelle Ryan, and a host of Class A British comedy performers including MacKenzie Crook (Pirates Of The Caribbean I&II, The Office) and Jimmy Carr (Stormbreaker, 8 out of 10 cats).

I Want Candy follows two hopeful young men from Leatherhead trying to break into the movie-making world, who stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime. Frustrated by the limitations of college and their pessimistic film tutor, London beckons for wannabe producer Joe (Tom Riley) and his talented but neurotic friend Baggy (Tom Burke). The pair pitch their feature-length love story, The Love Storm, to a number of studios, only to be met with instant rejection.