Da Vinci's Demons: we can't go down without a fight - sign the petition!

We fans of Da Vinci's Demons really don't want season 3 to be the end. We can't let the show go without letting those behind the show know how we feel. If you would like to see more Da Vinci's Demons, sign the petition.

Let your voice be heard, and the wonderful team who have brought such joy to us know how much we want more! We are a large number worldwide! Let everyone know that.

Sign here and share the link. 



The program is excellent, the actors, the costumes everything is excellent, why only a 3 season... if Davinci has fans around the world, why you don't promote in Mexico? or in Latinoamerica.... Don't stop to produce this excellent serie.

The actors are so good..
The storyline is so excellent.
The fans are so many..

I am just asking myself.. why are there only 3 season?
This is so sad..
I really loved the feeling that when you watch 1 episode you have a feeling that you've watched 101 episodes in this one episode..
I am sure that the fans love all the creators and actors/actresses..
Please, just continue the series!!

This is so not fair. BRING BACK THE SHOW! too many stories left to tell!

Excellent storyline, great dialogs, great actors... why end a work of art?!

one of the best shows i ever saw, so good but surely uncomplited!!
please bring it back!!