The Collection: marvelous television production, magnificent on every level

In advance of this weekend's broadcast of The Collection in the US on Masterpiece, a review of the soon to be released DVD has been shared online by DVD Review. And they loved the show, mentioning Tom Riley as Claude, though may be disappointed over a second season. Pertinent snippets are below, but read the review in full on the website.

...The Collection is a wonderful piece of television once again. Despite its milieu, the show is actually a rather powerful character drama with a good dose of murder mystery sprinkled in and a feeling of impending tragedy evident in every episode. The characters are desperate, fatalistic, almost, trying to move forward when the past threatens to pull them under again and again.

Among it all is beauty also, however. Hope among many of the employees of the fashion house for a better future, now that the war is over and the country is recovering. Love and romance bring the sun out, even if the scars of the war are still jarring and frightening.

And then, of course, there is the clothing. Beautiful pieces of art that make it all seem so surreal, ushering its wearer into a world beyond the harsh realities of their existence, by providing them with a color, elegance, and beauty that they might otherwise not possess.

Top grades also have to go to the cast of the show.

Richard Coyle is domineering, yet charming enough to pose as the head of the aspiring empire. Ruthless and calculating at one time, he is also a picture of empathy at others.

Tom Riley, fresh off his gig in Da Vinci’s Demons is once again portraying an artist who is driven, living outside the moral bounds of society, somewhere on the borderline between normal and manic...

...The Collection is another marvelous television production that deserves your attention. It is magnificent on every level and I am already eagerly looking forward to seeing a second season, because this story still has tons of facets to explore.