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A lovely new photo of the Da Vinci's Demons gang at NYCC has been shared on Flickr, while someone on Twitter spotted the Da Vinci's Demons crew filming in Forest Fawr this week and shared a smoky photo - familiar territory for Tom, as his Doctor Who episode also filmed in the area.

The recent article in local Kent publication - Kent Messenger Maidstone - has an extra interview snippet from Tom in the dead tree version - also available via press reader. Lots of interesting tit-bits about Tom's childhood!

...Mr Riley, who now lives in London, was an enthusiastic member of the Hazlitt Drama Club. He also appeared in several gang shows put on by the Loose Swiss Scouts, of which he was a member, but it was the drama department at Invicta Grammar School that put him on the road to success.

He said: “I was unable to do a theatre studies A-level at MGS, so it was arranged that I should do this course at Invicta Grammar School where I was taught by Juliet Miles and Nikki AtkinReeves.

“They were both brilliant and utterly devoted to drama.”

Someone with an online blog visited the set of Da Vinci's Demons this week. Obviously no details could be shared, but he seemed very excited about season 3. Read the report in full on his blog.

I can now reveal that I was on-set for Da Vinci’s Demons season three yesterday, and met Doctor Who’s Robin Hood Tom Riley, who plays Leo. I’m NDAed to the eyeballs (NDA means non-disclosure agreement in case you didn’t know) so I can’t go into any details about what I saw, but I don’t think the production team will mind me saying that I was totally bowled over by some of the sets we were shown. They were the most impressive sets I have ever seen for a TV show.

The production designer on the show is Ed Thomas who worked on the Eccleston and Tennant eras of Doctor Who, and he’s created a whole new world in a massive studio complex just outside Swansea. Almost literally. As we were shown around, we walked from Florence to Peru in a few steps. The attention to details was – I’m not exaggerating – on the level of a blockbuster movie. One set even smelt right (I bet that’s got you intrigued.) A member of the art department, Dan, revealed that they call the design style “Renaissance Punk”.

I can honestly say, there was a real feeling of the whole production having a spring in its step. There’s a new showrunner, John Shiban of The X-Files and Breaking Bad fame, and he seems to have re-energised everybody. And while I can reveal no specifics, I think if you’ve tried Da Vinci’s Demons before and been a little non-plussed about it, then season three may be the time to give it another go...

...the acting and production design has always been phenomenal. The Game Of Thrones style politicking makes for engrossing viewing. And there were some pulse-pounding battle scenes. It’s always been a show with promise and it looks like it may soon deliver on that promise. 

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