Ghost Light: new project currently filming in Massachusetts

Tom Riley's name has been added to the cast list for indie feature film "Ghost Light", written by John Stimpson and Geoffrey Taylor, and directed by John Stimpson. According to IMDb, Tom's character is Thomas Ingram. 

Director John Stimpson has a website which has a few more titbits about Ghost Light, a dark comedy currently filming in Massachusetts. On Instagram he posted that filming began on October 4th.

Inhabited by a broad ensemble cast of quirky, idiosyncratic and lovable theatrical personalities, Ghost Light is a dark comedy about a colorful traveling Shakespearean troupe who live and breathe the theatre and are consequently prey to its elaborate and ridiculous superstitions.

On the road with their latest production of Macbeth, er… The Scottish Play, a pompous and disgruntled actor shouts the forbidden name “Macbeth” on stage, and unwittingly unleashes the play’s famous curse.

As the haunting takes hold everything from the actors’ performances to the costumes to the sets gradually become more polished, more sophisticated… more magnificent only to have it all come crashing down as the witches’ curse erupts and overwhelms the play to deliciously bloody affect.

All’s well that ends well… but not for everyone!


First day underway. Ghost Light 2017.

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