Ill Behaviour: the acting is excellent throughout, Riley plays Charlie well

In advance of tonight's episode of Ill Behaviour, Showtime has shared a preview video. Online reviews for the show's broadcast in the US have continued to be a little mixed, but all agree about the uniformly excellent acting. Tune in to see Tom Riley as Charlie in episode 3 tonight, on Showtime from 10.30pm.

The show’s premise is certainly unique and intriguing, and for the most part, the acting is excellent throughout. Geere is charming and awkward and breathes life into a character who is frankly a pathetic, directionless deadbeat who should be completely unlikeable. Charlie’s decision to forego chemotherapy is actually motivated by seeing his own mother’s experiences with chemotherapy, and Riley portrays him as a caring family man. Caplan doesn’t miss a beat playing the most uncomfortable character of the bunch: a completely humorless cynic. Michigan Daily

I have a feeling that the dark part, and not the comedy, is what is going to keep me invested in this dark comedy. While watching the second episode of Ill Behaviour, I did not find myself laughing very much. But I was very intrigued by the set-up and where it all was leading. If anything the episode went by a little too quickly, as I found myself wanting to binge on the next episode immediately when the credits popped up. I’m hooked. Tracking Board

The situation is insane and raises questions of personal rights and the consequences of living life on our own terms. These questions are not answered, but the jokes are sharp, and at three hours total, it’s worth a watch.