Ill Behaviour: more hilarious (and chaotically British) than it sounds!

A few more preview articles and interviews have appeared online for Showtime's broadcast of Ill Behaviour - begins 10:30pm Monday 13th November. Most are very positive, especially about the cast. It seems that US critics are reacting to the controversial scenes barely mentioned by British reviewers (which I surprised me at the time), especially in light of current news topics. One reviewer didn't believe that some cancer patients refuse chemotherapy, but it happens. Speak to any oncologist, they have very frustrating and heartbreaking tales to tell. 

The cast is universally good-to-great. Geere is very much in “You’re the Worst” mode here, playing an entitled selfish asshole, and like in that show, here he gets a few moments to show off his actual acting ability (the series’ final shot, in particular, is kind of stunning). Caplan, as I said, is having the time of her life here. The Playlist

What’s so funny about cancer? Ill Behaviour (series debut Monday, Nov. 13, Showtime), a British show acquired by Showtime, has an idea. Recent divorcee Joel (Chris Geere) moves in with Charlie (Tom Riley), who then announces that he has cancer and, instead of clinical treatment, is going the holistic route. Naturally, Joel and mutual friend Tess (Jessica Regan) kidnap Charlie and begin injecting him with chemo drugs against his will. And if that’s not funny enough, also in the mix is alcoholic sex-addict doctor, Nadia (Lizzy Caplan, who always makes anything better). It’s more hilarious (and chaotically British) than it sounds, and Geere almost tops his You’re the Worst performance. Almost. CV Independent

Somehow the series manages to address all that and keep the issues of cancer in the foreground while keeping all the plates spinning. Geere gives a very lively performance and the rest of the cast is also strong. Not the happiest of topics, but “Ill Behaviour,” puts an interesting face on it. LA Daily News

Sadly there are no promotional interviews with Tom Riley for us to enjoy, though there is an interview with Chris Geere chatting about the show here, and another new interview with Lizzy Caplan shared by Yahoo

Although Caplan hadn’t seen Peep Show prior to joining Ill Behavior, Riley made her aware of Bain’s exalted status within the British television world, an industry she’s a more than casual fan of. “We spend a lot of time in London, and it’s always raining there so you end up watching a ton of TV. I’ve become an expert in British TV shows, both reality and scripted.” Still, watching British television is very different from making British television — at least in terms of perks — as Caplan quickly learned. In place of the lavish craft service tables that are an essential ingredient on most U.S. shows, there was only a “tea kettle and maybe some cookies” for snacking. And the actors, rather than their stand-ins, remain on set while each scene is being lit. “The working conditions are crazy!” she jokes. “But it’s a BBC show, and it’s publicly funded, so it’s not about the perks — it’s about the work. How about that?”