Ill Behaviour: possible summer broadcast?

A press release, promoting writer Sam Bain's new play 'The Retreat', mentions Ill Behaviour. 

Sam’s first solo series Ill Behaviour will premiere on BBC iPlayer before being broadcast on BBC Two this Summer.

There has been no hint about a broadcast date yet from the BBC, and it is entirely possible that they will just launch the show without too much fanfare. Keep an eye out for news!

Ill Behaviour was filmed last year in the Bristol area and is a 3 part comedy drama.

When Charlie (Tom Riley) is diagnosed with cancer, the prognosis is favorable – he’s young and healthy and the cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, has been caught early and is a type of cancer that responds well to chemotherapy. Suspicious of drugs and modern medical treatments, Charlie refuses the chemo in favor of a more natural, alternative form of healing.

His oldest friends Joel (Chris Geere) and Tess (Jessica Regan) fear he’s written his own suicide note so they decide to hold him hostage and administer the chemo themselves with the help of Nadia (Lizzy Caplan), an unstable, alcoholic oncologist.

Edit: Sam Bain's twitter bio has an August broadcast date for Ill Behaviour.