Ill Behaviour: Sam Bain’s excellent new comedy on BBC2 at 10pm tonight!

Ill Behaviour begins tonight on BBC2 at 10pm! The promotion for Ill Behaviour has been a bit limited, and sadly no interviews with Tom have appeared, however there are new photos of Tom Riley as Charlie, and Lizzy Caplan as Nadia on this website, to accompany an interview with Jessica Regan. 

A preview article / review has been shared on the Radio Times website, while The Observer magazine describes Ill Behaviour as an excellent new comedy! Another new interview with Jessica Regan for the Sunday Post includes some kind words about Tom as Charlie.

The bizarre premise is that when family man Charlie (Tom Riley) is diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, best pals Joel (Chris Geere) and Tess decide to abduct him and administer the chemotherapy he’s shunning.

“I don’t think cancer is at all the punchline for this,” insists Irish-born Jessica, who plays Tess. “It’s really the extreme situations the characters find themselves in and how they deal with those. “That’s where the comedy is really mined. The cancer itself is obviously quite grim and unflinchingly dealt with.

“I think Tom plays it beautifully and it shows the mental as well as the physical toll.

Don't miss the fun and thrills at 10pm.