Ill Behaviour: wildly imaginative comedy starts 10.30pm tonight on Showtime!

Tom Riley fans in the US currently have quite a treat on their TV screens. Sunday nights on Masterpiece PBS offer Tom as Claude Sabine in The Collection, while Ill Behaviour, with Tom as Charlie, begins broadcast on Showtime at 10.30pm tonight. From dark period drama to modern day dark comedy. Vastly different genres, styles and characters, and whilst somehow making it all look effortless, Tom shows us in both just how great his acting range is. So much to enjoy. 

Tonight's treat - Ill Behaviour - has been included in Monday's 'best bets' by a most news outlets, including NY Times, LA Times, Toronto Star, Channel Guide Mag, and TV Insider. BBC America included the show in an article about high concept comedies: Ill Behaviour appears to be in good company.

TV Overmind pulled together some recent reviews and interviews for '5 Things You Didn't Know About Ill Behaviour'. Bustle did exactly the same for their piece 'Is Ill Behaviour A True Story?', but also shared new photos of Tom as Charlie (post head-shave). 

There are still no new interviews with Tom to promote Ill Behaviour, but Chris Geere has been chatting about the show (and the lack of craft services in UK), to US Magazine

Two new reviews have been shared from Yahoo and Paste Magazine! Read them in full on their websites.

Ill Behaviour has some thoughtful things to say about right-to-life issues and alcoholism, and if you can buy into the kidnapping-to-save-his-life development, you might stick around for the series’ full six episodes. Yahoo

But there is something actually beautiful about the way this show handles the many facets of surrender. And I think that’s why I love it. I mean, aside from the fantastic cast. Surrender is a funny thing—not comedy-funny. Sometimes when people die of things like cancer we even say “he surrendered to his illness,” but surrender is very different from succumbing or giving up. It’s a mindful acceptance of your powerlessness and there is, ironically, a ton of power in that act. Surrender is nonresistance. It’s getting out of your own way. And the ways in which these characters fail and succeed at that are, even given the absurd rulebook of this storyline, really kind of potent. And compelling.

I admit it: They got me. I love Ill Behaviour. I love it! Paste Magazine