Ill Behaviour: your new favourite comedy drama

As Ill Behaviour begins broadcast this Sunday 20th August at 10pm on BBC2, another interview with writer Sam Bain has been shared by Digital Spy. A couple of online entertainment sites also have Ill Behaviour as recommended viewing for this weekend. 

Why you should watch: It’s a daring bit of dark comedy.

What’s the plot?: A couple of friends discover their mate is treating his cancer with only fruit juice and positive thinking, so decide to help him against his will.

How?: By holding him hostage and bringing in a rogue, alcoholic oncologist, to administer chemotherapy. Yep, this really is the plot, and it really is a comedy.

Who’s in it?: Chris Geere from Waterloo Road, Tom Riley from The Collection, and Lizzy Caplan from Mean Girls.

It’s written by: The great Sam Bain, who co-wrote Peep Show. Virgin

This brand new comedy stars the likes of You're the Worst's Chris Geere, Masters of Sex's Lizzy Caplan and Tom Riley, and follows a man who reunites with his old school mates after a divorce. After discovering one of them now has cancer and refuses chemotherapy, he decides to hold him hostage to force him to take on the treatment. It has potential to be your new favourite comedy drama. Digital Spy