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Somewhere to post thoughts, messages and ask burning questions, which I'll do my best to answer. Thank you for visiting the site and leaving kind comments, which Tom can read if he passes by.


Just watched Lewis episode "and the moonbeams kiss the sea". Tom Riley's performance. Wow. Just wow. Xx


Just re-watched "And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea". I think that your portrayal of Philip Horton is one of the finest pieces of acting that I have ever seen. Thanks.


I hope da Vinci's Demons show the second part in the Arab countries., And I hope also put a third part of the series and I hope that the longest. Thank

Sandy B

You are a fine actor and a beautiful man. Love DaVinci's Demons.


I've really enjoyed your work in the several films you have done and tv series. Watching you now in DA Vinci's Demons. Keep up the great work. Do you every come to the USA?


I am enjoying DA Vinci's Demons. The scenes with Leo and Lorenzo are my favorite. With only 8 episodes a season and not well established passage of time I think it would be hard but I would love to see the revelation Leo has change him more. He feels too static to me. I love the character though, he has a grip on me.


I am anticipating March 22, 2014. I still can't believe it's getting so close. I still watch Season 1 at least once a week. Oh & by the way Thank you Tom Riley for make Leonardo Da Vinci so freakin SEXY..


Hello I would like to thank Tom Riley to be the person he always was, charismatic,intellectual and friendly towards their fans and their characters.
I met Tom Riley this year and I never imagined it would meet a person like him,was something magical for me.
I'm proud to be a fan of his work and it mainly is rare to find artists truths like him.
I went to do other activities in which Tom did on television,although they are English I saw anyway.
It is difficult to find subtitles for movies and series in which Tom attended

(I hope you understand my English because it is not good)!
Greetings from Brazil

Daniel Locksley

Just to tell you here in Mexico you have a big fan, you rock!
DVD, one of the best tv shows i've seen in my life.

Carla Abner

I'm in love with your character. Congratulations on your wonderful interpretation. I hope you have many more seasons. congratulations and success! Kisses from a Brazilian fan!

Michele Richman

tom you'r beautiful, hot and love you'r Smile, Great show looking forward to more.

Caro, south of France

Tom Riley is superb as Leonardo da Vinci. Makes me long to go back to Firenze to see if I can spot him on the Piazza della Signoria. He is mesmerising as the young genius, cannot wait to see more. Loved him too in Monroe,'Barbed wire' and 'Austen'. Wonderful talented actor.

The Red One

Hello Tom and congratulations to your birthday which happens to be today. I saw you in Monroe as it was sent synchronized into german with arte television. I immediately fell in love with the characters and bought the two seasons via amazon. They are brilliant, though only in english(yet). Greetings and best wishes from Germany. God bless, the red one


Absolutely loved Riley as Philip Horton in Inspector Lewis. For a young actor to grasp underplaying a character shows real talent. Made me want to see more of his work. I look forward to the Da Vinci series and wish him all the best in what looks to be a very bright future. Thanks for the treasurable portrayal of Horton. - From Nibley Utah USA.


Am actually working like 10 yards from the film set in Swansea, Really interesting and happy to be a part of it, had some great pictures. Will be good to see the finished episode! Top marks!


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