Thoughts about Tom...

Somewhere to post thoughts, messages and ask burning questions, which I'll do my best to answer. Thank you for visiting the site and leaving kind comments, which Tom can read if he passes by.


Just watched Bouquet of Barbed Wire. Missed the last episode, (damn skyplus clash!) but so engrosed in it that I downloaded it from itunes. It was awesome. Tom....... Sooooooooo Hot! Now sharing with all my gf's so they too can appreciate Tom.


Have just watched an episode of Lewis for the third time just to see Mr Riley's performance again. A superb piece of acting.


A true talent and a superior actor! Great to have a website dedicated to such a remarkable guy like Tom!! :)


Broadway's Arcadia is lovely, with an exceptional and absolutely electric performance by Tom Riley, Septimus brought to vivid life. I've already seen this production twice, and actually loved it even more the second time; I hope to see it again while it's here - it's one of those performances one feels lucky to have been there for.


Saw Arcadia at the Barrymore last week. My favourite play and I have now seen my favourite Septimus Hodge. Wonderful, wonderful performance.

Bill Johnson

Arcadia is a treat. A clever show, wonderfully performed. Thank you for a great performance.


argh, THIS not TIS, sorry, I´m blonde ;)


Kls, what a fantastic site!! you´re a star :) Without "I want Candy" and "Curiosity" I would never have found tis site via google - and never met the lovely people at DL!! Thank you!!


Tom is the most beautiful man I've ever seen - and I'm 38 years old!

Was mesmerised by him in Bouquet of Barbed Wire, im embarrased to admit that im a little bit in love with him :)


Bouquet of Barbed Wire....Brilliant!!
Had never seen Tom before, but I'll certainly be watching out for your work from now on...well done!


Wow, what a talented handsome man!
And he went to the male version of my school and was in my did i never meet him!


Can't believe I haven't seen this site before, it's brilliant! Tom is so talented and he's gorgeous too :) haha


Have really enjoyed Tom's brilliant performance in Bouquet of Barbed Wire so far. Great site!

Paula F.

Lost In Austen has just been shown on Ovation - how did I miss this before? I loved Tom Riley as Mr Wickham. Brilliantly done. There is now a brand new fan in Ohio.


I saw Hurts Given and Received last night. Tom's performance was marvellous. A sort of passive energy that made him seem so sinister but completely engaging.


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