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Somewhere to post thoughts, messages and ask burning questions, which I'll do my best to answer. Thank you for visiting the site and leaving kind comments, which Tom can read if he passes by.

Bill & Arilla Bowerman

We have purchased the Inspector Lewis DVDs shown on Masterpiece Theater. "And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea" is one of our favorite episodes, primarily because of Tom Riley's inspiring portrayal of an autistic student/artist. Tom gained a couple of fans who live near Houston, Texas. Bravo and warm wishes for contiuned good fortune.


Watched Tom in the episode of Lewis last night on our local PBS station. Excellent acting. I didn't know Tom Riley before, but now I'll be on the look-out for him in more television and movie roles. Shame I don't live in the UK any more to see him perform on live stage. Cheers.


Just finished watching inspector Lewis episode, the potrayal was superb. Will keep you on the radar. Any thought to some acting work in New Mexico ?


He is gorgeous and a fantastic actor. More of the same please! :)


Another incredibly beautiful looking site, this Tom bloke doesn't seem too shabby either ;)


love the site... of course the subject makes it fun doesnt it...;)...... nicely done KLS as always..!!!


Great site as always kls. I was fortunate enough to see Tom in Paradise Regained which proved he is a wonderful stage actor. Lets hope he returns to the stage soon!


Great site, kls! Finally watched LiA this weekend completely and Tom really is a lovely Wickham... Hope to find some time to check out more of his work! But agree with cubbie, no horror please... ;-)


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