Bouquet Of Barbed Wire: final episode tonight 9pm

Don't miss the final episode of Bouquet Of Barbed Wire, which is on ITV 1 at 9pm tonight! Most of the press have it in their 'one's to watch' for today.

Rex have lovely stills from Tom's interview last Friday on This Morning, only tiny thumbnails I'm afraid - more in the galleries. Indie London have a great review for the DVD, also released today.

But Peter isn’t all he seems, as son-in-law Gavin (Tom Riley) knows only too well. Riley brings a tangible menace to the role, his Gavin adeptly turning the tables so that our sympathies eventually lie not with Peter but with him. For, if we’re truly honest, who amongst us wouldn’t want to avenge a wrong done to a loved one, particularly if it had such devastating consequences. Of course that doesn’t make it right because inevitably innocent by-standers like Prue become as much a victim as the intended target...

Bouquet of Barbed Wire - Tom interview ( ITV press pack )

Aspiring actor Tom Riley plays the disturbed Gavin Sorenson in this re-imagining of Bouquet of Barbed Wire. Gavin’s shocking introduction to the Manson family only scratches the surface of the sinister intentions he has planned… But, there is more to Gavin then meets the eye and a revelation shows a man with a tortured past.

Tom explains: “Gavin is one of those characters who is a gift to play. However, playing him could potentially be a trap as well because, to all intents and purposes, he can be portrayed quite easily as the bad guy, the evil guy, the guy people love to hate. Nonetheless, there is so much more to him than being a moustache twirling villain. Hopefully, by the end of the series the viewers will have a sense of understanding and sympathy for him, having seen the depth to his character and history as to why he does what he does, including the path of revenge he takes against Peter and the people he hurts and falls for along the way…

A Few Days In September: interview and images

An old interview with Tom from the 2006 Venice premiere of A Few Days In September can be listened to on the Art On Air website (an mp3 version is now in the galleries).

Contact have 2 photos of Tom from the Barbican screening of the film in 2007. The larger versions can be viewed here and here.