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When is Tom Riley next showing on UK TV.
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Kill Your Friends (18) - Film4 - 25/04/2018 23:15:00


Showing on Film4 at 11:15pm, April 25th for 125 minutes

Nicholas Hoult stars in Owen Harris' dark comedy about London's music industry, based on John Niven's novel. The year is 1997, and Steven Stelfox, an ambitious A&R music executive at Unigram, is determined to further his career at any cost. Apathetic when it comes to real musical talent, what really piques Stelfox's interest is status and financial gain; and he's perfectly willing to employ exploitation and violence to get what he wants. First to stand in Stelfox's way is Waters - a co-worker whose career looks like it might surpass his own. But Waters isn't the only obstacle hampering Stelfox's success, and, as he finds himself surrounded by increasingly suspicious colleagues and competitors, Stelfox's descent into depravity quickens. With Edward Hogg, Georgia King and Tom Riley. Also featuring an iconic 90s soundtrack including Blur, The Prodigy and Radiohead.

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Kill Your Friends (18) - BFBS Extra - 07/03/2018 23:20:00


Showing on BFBS Extra at 11:20pm, March 7th for 100 minutes

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