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Don't miss the final episode of Bouquet Of Barbed Wire, which is on ITV 1 at 9pm tonight! Most of the press have it in their 'one's to watch' for today.

Rex have lovely stills from Tom's interview last Friday on This Morning, only tiny thumbnails I'm afraid - more in the galleries. Indie London have a great review for the DVD, also released today.

But Peter isn’t all he seems, as son-in-law Gavin (Tom Riley) knows only too well. Riley brings a tangible menace to the role, his Gavin adeptly turning the tables so that our sympathies eventually lie not with Peter but with him. For, if we’re truly honest, who amongst us wouldn’t want to avenge a wrong done to a loved one, particularly if it had such devastating consequences. Of course that doesn’t make it right because inevitably innocent by-standers like Prue become as much a victim as the intended target...

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