Da Vinci's Demons: GMC Global News interview

Another new video interview, promoting Da Vinci's Demons season 2, has been shared by GMC Global News.


Da Vinci's Demons: Better Conneticut video interview

Another brief video interview, recorded yesterday for Better Conneticut, has been shared online. Tom And laura Haddock discuss Lucrezia's story for Da Vinci's Demons season 2. 


Da Vinci's Demons: new video interview Bakersfield Now

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Tom and Laura Haddock have been busy today! Another great video interview, discussing Da Vinci's Demons season 2, has been shared online by Bakersfield Now. 

Of course, there is that awkward moment when the wrong Tom Riley Twitter gets a mention...at least Tom laughed about it (see screenshot above). Sorry Tom.


Da Vinci's Demons: Tom's 6 hours hanging in pain

A new interview with Tom has been uploaded to You Tube by Gold Derby. Tom tells us what we can expect from Da Vinci's Demons season 2, reveals what it is like working with green screen, and just how painfully long the season 2 poster shoot was. 

The interview is interesting of course, but the audio and video quality are not great - all questions to Tom sound like they recorded and added afterwards. 


Da Vinci's Demons: Tom Riley - a nimble fingered chocolate smuggler

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A very funny and entertaining video interview with Tom Riley for Young Hollywood has been shared on You Tube. This was recorded back in January.

Tom chats about his abs, his diet and training for the role in Da Vinci's Demons, and being forced to put on some clothes before the interview started...

In addition, there is a brand new clip from season 2 included in the interview. 


Da Vinci's Demons: season 2 "Meet the New Characters" featurette

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IGN has shared a fabulous new featurette video for season 2 of Da Vinci's Demons. It includes interviews with Tom and David S. Goyer, and has lots of new footage from the new season to enjoy. 


Da Vinci's Demons: season 2 AfterBuzz interview

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A new video interview with Tom for AfterBuzz TV has been uploaded you You Tube. Listen for his naked bongos titbit...  

It seems there must have been a press junket yesterday, as Access Hollywood shared photos from their interview with Tom. Another lovely one is here. Access Hollywood haven't yet shared their January TCA interviews with Tom, so there is a lot to look forward to. 


Da Vinci's Demons: NYCC CBR interview

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An interview recently shared online by Comic Book Resources, and then removed again, has been re-uploaded to the CBR website. The interview with Tom and Laura Haddock, recorded during last year's NYCC, focuses on Da Vinci's Demons season 2.

Tom discusses cowbells, tells us about bruises and injuires sustained during filming, and reveals his favourite scenes to film.   


Da Vinci's Demons: more wonderful season 2 FOX interviews

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In keeping with last year's sharing of promotional material for Da Vinci's Demons season 1, FOX International Channels appear to be uploading various Da Vinci's Demons season 2 treats across their many sites.  


Da Vinci's Demons: FOX TV Google Hangout video

If anyone missed this morning's FOX TV Google Hangout, with Tom, Gregg Chillin and Eros Vlahos, it has been uploaded to You Tube, and is viewable everywhere.