Starfish: shooting scheduled to last 1 month

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Starfish writer and director, Bill Clark, shared some filming details on Linkedin last month, as final pre-production on the film was underway, and they were looking for local cast and crew. He revealed that shooting is scheduled to last 1 month. 


Starfish: production started November 20th

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This Facebook Page has shared what seems to be a press release about the start of filming Starfish in Rutland today, and includes a short quote from Tom about playing Tom Ray. Tom Ray himself tweeted good wishes to Jo and Tom this morning. The above photo was shared by Origami Films.


The Shadow Hours: new behind the scenes set photos

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A number of lovely new behind the scenes photos, from filming Kyle Higgins' short film The Shadow Hours last month, have been shared online. There are quite a few of Tom (we still have no idea of his characters' names) on set, but none are hi-res, sadly. Check the rest out here.


The Shadow Hours: new short film project by Kyle D Higgins

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Tom has started work on a new short film written and directed by Kyle D Higgins, called The Shadow Hours. Check out Kyle's Twitter for behind the scenes photos from the shoot. According to this site, the short film will involve mainly night shoots, from 13th - 16th August.


Kill Your Friends: 26th Dinard British Film Festival

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According to these sites here and here, Kill Your Friends will be shown at


Kill Your Friends: Fantasy Film Fest production notes & cast interviews

Following the announcement from Fantasy Film Fest last week that the opening night film this year will be the world premiere of Kill Your Friends, the Fantasy Film Fest website has shared production notes for the film, which includes a full synopsis, cast bios, and even a few words from Tom!


AIR the Film: 2015 London Independent Film Festival best Sci-Fi short film

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Congratulations to the cast and creators of AIR, which won the best Sci-Fi short film award at the 2015 London Independent Film Festival. AIR was screened last weekend, part of a sold out block. 


Kill Your Friends: new interview?

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There could be a new interview with Tom to look out for. This site even reveals more about Tom's character Parker-Hall.

Tom Riley Spills on 'Kill Your Friends'


Brit Awards After Party photos

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Gorgeous photos of Tom attending one of last night's Brit Awards after-parties, the Warner Music After Party held at The Savoy Hotel, have been uploaded in hi-res to Just Jared. He was wrongly named on Getty, which is why I didn't spot them before. 

Tom tweeted his attendance before he went, intriguingly teasing us about using it as research for a new job, although that was probably a joke. 


I Want Candy: Sugar Magazine interview 2007

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This old interview with Sugar Magazine from May 2007, promoting the film I Want Candy resurfaced recently, with a photo we haven't seen before.

I would possibly not put much stock behind the answers in the interview itself. It is an old interview, and they do read like words may have been put into Tom's mouth. Apart from maybe 'carrot-gate'.