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There is a lovely feature with cast interviews on the new series of Monroe in the latest TV Times magazine, along with a 5 star preview of the first episode " ...a gripping opener that's both funny and moving. We dare you not to love it." The magazine is available to buy now.

Along with a lovely (but small) photo of Tom, he gives a brief outline of his character's situation for the new series.

"Shepherd and Bremner have been very busy," explains stage and TV actor Tom. "Their relationship sped up and, although you see moments of how good they could be together, they're in a situation where the baby is everything. And they never had the honeymoon period or the fun time. In the first series, he was the good guy but viewers may be shocked this time..." 

Full scans are in the galleries, but thank you so much to ITV publicist Natasha, for sending this gorgeous photo of Tom as Laurence Shepherd in the new series of Monroe, taken by Justin Slee for ITV.

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