Murray Parish Trust Art Auction

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A number of photos of Tom attending the inaugural Murray Parish Trust Art Auction last night, at the Gallery Soho in London, have been uploaded to


Twitter Q&A with Tom Riley

For those fans not on Twitter, I collated most of the questions and Tom's responses. If I missed any let me know.

Tom Riley ‏@thisisTomRiley Ok. I'm here. Lets Q&A this. Tag 'em #askriley & I'll get through as many as I can. Pre-emptive strike answer. I don't know about series 3. #askriley

@StressfulG What did you have for lunch today?

@thisisTomRiley Ha! I had Haddock.


Monroe 2: lovely preview & interviews with Ian Wylie

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There is a lovely interview with the cast of the new series of Monroe, including Tom, on Ian Wylie's blog, along with a number of great photos. Ian reckons if you liked Monroe the first time around, then you’re going to love series two. Read the whole thing on his website.  

Q: Tom – is it true that you have gone from being a very mild-mannered anaesthetist to playing Leonard Da Vinci as an action hero?


Monroe 2: TV Times feature and interview

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There is a lovely feature with cast interviews on the new series of Monroe in the latest TV Times magazine, along with a 5 star preview of the first episode " ...a gripping opener that's both funny and moving. We dare you not to love it." The magazine is available to buy now.

Along with a lovely (but small) photo of Tom, he gives a brief outline of his character's situation for the new series.


Monroe series 2 press pack & air date

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The broadcast date for the new series will be officially announced sometime today, but 9pm 1st October has been given on the Metro website, in an interview with James Nesbitt. 


Monroe 2: online cast interviews

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The official website for Monroe has been updated for the new series! It has some lovely cast interviews, clips and behind the scenes glimpses of filming.

Lots of fantastic glimpses of Tom to be seen throughout the videos, as well as being lovely in his interviews!


Monroe 2: interview in The Sun

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The Sun has posted cast interviews from the recent press launch for series 2 of Monroe, and have included a photo of Tom with a brief interview. Read the whole article on The Sun website.


Radio Times rising star photo

This lovely photo of Tom can be found in the latest Radio Times magazine, as a result of someone appreciating his performance as Philip in Lewis: And the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea. Of note is that the second series of Monroe is mentioned and apparently due to return this summer.