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There is a lovely interview with the cast of the new series of Monroe, including Tom, on Ian Wylie's blog, along with a number of great photos. Ian reckons if you liked Monroe the first time around, then you’re going to love series two. Read the whole thing on his website.  

Q: Tom – is it true that you have gone from being a very mild-mannered anaesthetist to playing Leonard Da Vinci as an action hero?

Tom Riley: “Yes. I’m doing it right now, which is why I have this beard.”

James Nesbitt: “I thought you were going to say, ‘This amazing body.’” (laughter)

Tom Riley: “The amazing body was being worked on for months and months but the beard just took a couple of weeks. It’s a series called Da Vinci’s Demons, an American series, a co-production with the BBC, which I’m shooting at the moment. And having played second fiddle to a genius in a hospital, I’m now playing the genius and someone else has to look at me as adoringly as I look at Jimmy. It’s quite nice.”

GQ.com also have a lovely preview and a hi-res version of this great photo by photographer Steve Brown on their website. 

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