Curiosity: updates from the director

The film's director Toby Spanton posted an update message on the Facebook Group for the film.

Hopefully most of you have now seen the trailer on the IMDb but if not there's a slightly better quality version on Youtube which is receiving some good comments. The question everyone's asking is when can you see it and unfortunately I don't have a definite answer for you. I can't have a public screening as it's against a number of film festival's regulations. I will look into having a private screening somewhere but there will almost definitely be a cost issue. If anyone has access to a private screening room let me know! The support I've had has been amazing and I just want to say thank you to everyone. If you worked on the film hopefully your credit will be added to the IMDb soon. We're getting some buzz on different websites which is positive and I currently have the film in consideration at four major film festivals so hopefully at least one of them will like it!

Thank you again to Toby for sending me another behind the scenes photo of Tom for the website.