Happy Ever Afters: news updates from Tom

In his recent letter to me, as well as sending this gorgeous photo, Tom gave more details about the delays to his film Happy Ever Afters.

Happy Ever Afters is not in post production yet. We got half way through the shoot before disaster struck. The lovely Sally Hawkins and I were doing a very basic stunt in the gardens of a beautiful church on the coast of Ireland, and as Sal fell to the ground there was a giant crack and her collar bone fractured.

We attempted to shoot as much as possible in the next couple of weeks within the locations that were available, and without her, but it soon became clear that the body doubles just weren't cutting it and we would have to put the film on hiatus. So for the last few weeks we have been waiting around for news from Sal's doctors that will allow us to get the all clear and finish the film up. Its currently looking like we'll complete it in early December, which will be a huge relief to all of us. Sally and I are best of friends in real life and have known each other for years, so can't wait to get back to working together - but also want to free ourselves up for other projects and get Happy Ever Afters (as its current name, although that may yet change) done and dusted before the year is out.

A lovely letter from Tom

I wrote to Tom recently, via his agents, to inform him of the existence of this new website. Unexpectedly he sent a really lovely letter in reply, and included 2 gorgeous signed photos from the recent Ian Phillips-McLaren photoshoot.

Tom also very kindly let me know about some recent projects, and I will add all the relevant news details to the site, and images to the galleries in the next couple of days. I am extremely grateful to him for taking the time to do all that.

North Greenwich and Back Again An Actor's Notes by Tom Riley

The Genesis Foundation website published an account, written by Tom, of his second year experiences at LAMDA.

Saturday, 11 March 2006

At the end of my second year at LAMDA, when my class was told that for the 'Long Project' (only one important module of our three year training, the one in which the year - in collaboration with a playwright and director - devises and performs a new piece of writing) we would be working with Mark Ravenhill, there was a slight unease.

Mark is a controversial playwright of huge renown. Very much in the tradition of what the theatrical journalist Aleks Sierz - coining a new phrase -“ characterized in the mid-nineties as the 'In-Yer-Face' writers, Mark Ravenhill's plays all had caused tremendous shock waves.