Happy Ever Afters: Independent.ie interview
admin | 18 December
Q&A: Tom Riley on bono's bed and a very drunk best man Describe Happy Ever Afters for us? It's a screwball romantic comedy about two couples that
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Happy Ever Afters: Entertainment.ie interview
admin | 09 December
"I was at a wedding where there was a partition dividing two parties", explains Burke when asked where he got the idea for the film. "Initially
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Happy Ever Afters: interview snippets
admin | 05 November
On shooting the film: Tom Riley chimes in. "We don't tend to overrun schedules, which is unusual. In these jobs, it's low budget and you pack a lot into the
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Website Interview
admin | 09 July
PART ONE Guilty Pleasures and Favourites    TV: Favourite - The Wire is the greatest television show ever made, but Lost remains a close
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The Vertical Hour: press night photos
admin | 07 June
Wooller.com has two lovely images of Tom from the press night of The Vertical Hour. Both are available to buy on the site in various formats. Orders from this
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Parliamentary Publication on ELQs
admin | 16 January
Tom Riley, LAMDA alumnus, currently starring in "The Vertical Hour" at the Royal Court Theatre 7.  "I have always wanted to be an actor,
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A Rendez-vous With French Cinema
admin | 14 December
I was sent some images from A Rendez-vous With French Cinema, a showcase for French films, from March 2007. Tom attended the screening of A Few Days In
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Happy Ever Afters: news updates from Tom
admin | 20 November
In his recent letter to me, as well as sending this gorgeous photo, Tom gave more details about the delays to his film Happy Ever Afters. Happy Ever Afters
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A lovely letter from Tom
admin | 15 November
I wrote to Tom recently, via his agents, to inform him of the existence of this new website. Unexpectedly he sent a really lovely letter in reply, and included
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The Stage Features: Tom Riley
admin | 03 November
It’s not every day that the principal of a drama school has to go to the Royal Court to mark his student’s end of year performance but that’s
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