Da Vinci's Demons renewed for season 3!!!

Fantastic news has been shared by The Hollywood Reporter that Da Vinci's Demons has been renewed for a third season, though sadly without David S. Goyer as show runner.

Starz's Da Vinci's Demons will return for a third season with a new showrunner.

The drama starring Tom Riley has been renewed for a third season with Hell on Wheels alum John Shiban taking over for series creator David Goyer as showrunner, the premium cable network announced Tuesday. Goyer, who is juggling multiple film and TV projects including NBC's buzzy Hellblazer adaptation Constantine, will stay on as an exec producer.

The Saturday drama is averaging about 3.7 million total viewers across all platforms. Production on season three of the drama from Adjacent Pictures will begin in Wales in the spring for a return to the network in 2015.

With the third season renewal, Da Vinci's Demons becomes the first original drama series to earn a third season at the network following Spartacus. The series joins a roster of originals that includes Black Sails and upcoming dramas Power, Outlander, Flesh and Bone, The Missing and comedies Blunt Talk and Survivor's Remorse.

Da Vinci's Demons: watch season 2 online

At the moment this only seems to be available for UK fans, but as well as being available on iTunes UK, Da Vinci's Demons season 2 is also available to watch online.

Amazon UK Instant Video and Blinkbox have uploaded Da Vinci's Demons season 2 episodes already broadcast, and they are available to buy on an episode by episode basis. They are not expensive! 

THERE maybe barely an Italian accent in sight, but there is a verve to this reimagining of Leonardo’s life that appeals. Irish Mail.

Viewer numbers count. Please support the show by watching live where you can, and / or buying episodes  from iTunes, Amazon and Blinkbox. Tell Starz we need a season 3. 

Da Vinci's Demons: 'The Vault of Heaven' review round up

Some reviews and recaps for last Saturday's episode of Da Vinci's Demons season 2 'The Vault of Heaven' have been shared online. Beware of spoilers. Recap here and here

The puzzle stuff with Da Vinci was fun, though the problems he solved didn’t show exactly how he figured it out (if you can go “a ha!” along with the character, it’s always more entertaining), while the other plots were mostly about getting things into place. Tom Riley is the star of the show, and he got to have fun this week, which made this mostly enjoyable. Screencrush

Considering how often the Vault of Heaven has been mentioned over the course of the series the episode’s title certainly suggested the episode would be a landmark moment. However, while it has a few standout moments, it appears the true secrets of the vault will remain hidden, for now. IGN

Da Vinci's Demons: 2 new interviews with Tom

New interviews with Tom discussing Da Vinci's Demons seasons 1 and 2 have been shared online. The first is from Collider.com. Read it in full on the site.

Collider: How much fun is it to play Leonardo a Vinci?

TOM RILEY: It’s fun, particularly with where we get to take him this season. It’s a proper arc. He ends the season in a very different place from where he started. 

When you shot that opening scene, and then go back in time six months, did you know how that was going to turn out?

RILEY: No, we didn’t know then how it would turn out. To be honest, we knew that was happening when we shot the end of last season. The minute we did that cliffhanger, we knew the first thing back would be Riorio and Da Vinci together, seemingly getting on. It was just great. David [Goyer] was so excited, and we were like, “Oh, my god, that’s amazing! We’d watch that!”

Was it fun to get to do more scenes with Blake Ritson, this season?