Doctor Who: Tom Riley devastatingly handsome, impossibly witty & a brilliant actor...

This week's Radio Times has an interview with Ben Miller, who shared his very amusing diary of filming Robot of Sherwood. Two date entries mention Tom, and the episode will be shown on BBC One on Saturday 6th September.

9 April 2014:

Swordfight rehearsal. A little humbling. Tom Riley from Da Vinci's Demons is playing Robin Hood, and as well as being a devastatingly handsome, impossibly witty and brilliant actor, he is a master of the blade. When I wield my sword I look more like a painter and decorator trying to get some wallpaper up in a hurry.

After 5 minutes swashbuckling, I am exhausted and call for time out. Tom offers me a carrot stick. I take one, artfully draping my coat over my bag of donuts.

1 May 2014:

Last day of shooting. The studios here in cardiff rival anything I've seen in the US, and we have spent the week shooting on colossal interiors with an army of crew.

Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood behind the scenes fan video

A new video has been shared by a fan on You Tube, from filming Doctor Who 'Robot of Sherwood' at Caerphilly Castle. You can hear Tom as Robin Hood, before you briefly see him in action.  

Don't watch it if you want to avoid all spoilers, but it appears to be one of the scenes which the above still is taken from.

Doctor Who: Tom Riley shines in Robot of Sherwood

Another couple of spoiler free reviews for Robot of Sherwood have been posted on Doctor Who Online and Sci-Fi Bulletin. Again, some very kind words have been said about Tom as Robin Hood. Read them in full on the sites.

Robot of Sherwood shakes the format up once again, taking the TARDIS and dropping it directly into the legend of Robin Hood. All the elements that you could want are here - the band of Merry Men, the Evil Sheriff, and the oppressed villagers. And then, of course, there’s the man himself, complete with a little green hat.

If the story can be really compared to an earlier ‘celebrity historical’, then it’s closest in style to 2007’s The Shakespeare Code, with our resident celebrity being a little bit too full of himself - he is the Robin Hood, after all. Tom Riley shines in the part, and watching him spar with the Twelfth Doctor is fantastic. Doctor Who Online

Doctor Who: Riley succeeds in balancing Robin Hood between caricature & character

CultBox and UK Den of Geek have shared great spoiler free reviews, for Tom's episode of Doctor Who 'Robot of Sherwood', which we will see on Saturday 6th September at 7.30pm, on BBC One! CultBox even has some lovely words to say about Tom as Robin Hood - apparently played with a quite a hint of Lord Flashheart?! Will he say "Woof"? Read them in full on the CultBox and Den of Geek websites - links below.

Barely have we stepped two minutes outside the TARDIS and into Robin Hood country when there’s the silliest sword fight in history, a quiver full of clichés, and a joke about the size of Errol Flynn’s penis. There’s really not a whole lot of serious-speak you can apply to that without sounding as churlish as The Twelfth Doctor. This is ‘Robot of Sherwood’, an episode that is unmistakeably by Mark Gatiss in its execution and which is as pun-packed as its title might suggest. Gosh, it is fun. Incredibly fun...