Da Vinci's Demons: Book of Leaves promo & incredibly charismatic Tom Riley

For those with Starz on Demand, there is a lovely little video featurette explaining the background to the ongoing Da Vinci's Demons 'Book of Leaves' storyline. It has brief but briliant interviews with Tom and also David S. Goyer.

Another interview with the series creator can be found on the Citizens of Florence iPad app, and now on You Tube (US only) where he gives insight into the recently broadcast episode 4 - The Magician. Composer Bear McCreary has a brilliant blog about The Magician score, but don't read until you watch the episode. 

Crave Online has shared a lovely review for The Magician, and especially for Tom's performance!

Da Vinci's Demons - The Magician reviews & deleted scene

The Citizens of Florence iPad app has a wonderful deleted scene from The Magician - episode 4 of Da Vinci's Demons, featuring Leonardo, Verrocchio and a pomegranate. This photo is a screenshot from the scene. 

Reviews / recaps have appeared online for last night's new episode, including  from TV Overmind and TV.com, impressed that Leonardo's sodomy charge is actually based on fact. The Backlot gave a sort of mixed review, but did describe Tom's acting as awesome. 

...But the way Tom Riley has played this eccentric version of da Vinci is convincing enough in its own right. Sound On Sight

Da Vinci's Demons: The Tower ep 5 preview trailer and photos

Starz has uploaded a preview trailer for next week's episode of Da Vinci's Demons - The Tower, along with promo stills, including this one of Tom as Leonardo da Vinci.

The Tower' Lorenzo orders Piero da Vinci to defend his estranged son in court. During a performance for visiting royalty, Leonardo surprises the corrupt judge. Back at his workshop, Leonardo is surprised by the Turk.

If you have the Citizens of Florence iPad app, another brilliant and longer preview for the show is on there.