Da Vinci's Demons: Tom Riley - what a warrior - NYCC roundup

Alternative Mindz posted of their experiences at NYCC last weekend, and mentioned the Da Vinci's Demons round table interviews. Look out for their full report.

The first thing I had to do was to go with Chuck to the Round-table interview with the cast of Da Vinci’s Demons on Starz. I loved the cast as they were very engaging and straight forward with the answers. Tom Riley, one of the cast members noted that he had a few injuries during the taping of the first season. What a warrior he is. Me and Chuck and a few other press members asked great questions and everyone was happy with the round-table.

Tom posted a photo on the Da Vinci's Demons Instagram account while in New York - it seems we have a wonderful new poster shoot to look forward to!

On the way to the Season 2 Poster Shoot. #NYC #shamelesselevatorselfie #iamabouttotakealltheseclothesoff #DaVincisDemons #STARZ

A press release from Starz about the weekend, has been shared on this site.

Da Vinci's Demons: new photos from Sleep No More

Several new photos of Tom, attending 'Sleep No More' in NYC last Thursday, have been uploaded to Newscom. Just search for Tom's name to see them.

Den of Geek posted a link to the brilliant new season 2 trailer, along with an intriguing comment about visiting the season 2 Da Vinci's Demons set. Keep an eye on the site for a future report from that visit.

In the run-up to season two, we'll have plenty more on Da Vinci's Demons, gleaned from a fun day out Den of Geek spent on the hugely impressive set, where, we kid you not, the clever production designers had reconstructed Macchu Picchu, in a car park, in South Wales. Ambition is not something these folk lack.