Da Vinci's Demons: episode 8 'The Lovers' promotional photos

A number of lovely promotional photos for episode 8 of Da Vinci's Demons 'The Lovers' have been shared by Spoiler TV, including 4 of Tom. 

Another good review for episode 7 'The Hierophant' has been posted by Cosmic Book News

What’s most impressive about the volume of twists in this episode is that nothing feels like it was discarded as soon as it was introduced and every new development leaves the audience with new and satisfying information that ups the tension and gets your brain thinking about what could happen next. Oh yes my friends, everything is coming together at the right time with only one episode left which I eagerly anticipate, but I am also somewhat disheartened because 8 episodes does not a full season of ANY television show make.

Da Vinci's Demons: episode 8 The Lovers sneak peek

Those with the Citizens of Florence iPad app will have seen the wonderful sneak peek for the season finale on there. For those without iPad access, the same video has been uploaded to the Da Vinci's Demons Forge of Empires website

Da Vinci's Demons and Tom's talents have been discovered by this website!

I wasn't entirely sure what this was going to be like when I saw it advertised, but I have to say I'm hooked. The storyline is unusual, but what makes this show great, in my opinion, is the guy that plays Da Vinci, Tom Riley. He plays a tormented genius to perfection, elevating himself above his contemporaries, but somehow without coming across as arrogant. So far, I'm finding it a good fun show and suspect it's only going to get darker... though I did have a few nits to pick when Vlad the Impaler appeared... I'll be continuing to watch this and see how it goes.

Da Vinci's Demons The Lovers stills and synopsis

Starz has uploaded new stills for next week's season finale for Da Vinci's Demons 'The Lovers', along with a brief episode synopsis.

'The Lovers' The Pazzis prepare a murderous plot for Easter Sunday. The Turk tells Leonardo where to find the Book of Leaves. Lucrezia makes a confession as Leonardo attempts to save the Medicis.

The BBFC awarded a 15 classification for strong language, sex references and bloody violence