Da Vinci's Demons: and the winner of the season 2 Blu-ray is...

Congratulations to Haeley Rebello who was the winner of the Da Vinci's Demons season 2 Blu-ray competiton! The season 2 DVD and Blu-ray are for US release, but to make sure ALL fans could take part, I agreed to pay postage costs, so apologies for any delays (unlike others, I don't get paid to promote the show, I pay out of my own pocket).

Thank you to all 720 of you who entered, and to the over 250 from around the world, who left some funny, touching, heartfelt comments about the huge love for Da Vinci's Demons. Haeley won us over for her touching story of how the show helped her during a difficult time.

Da Vinci's Demons is definitely my favorite show, I really feel greatful that it gave me an outlet to focus on after my dad passed away almost a year ago. I can't afford Starz anymore, but I still really love Da Vinci's Demons and want to be able to watch it whenever I am missing my dad. Right now all my money is going towards moving to Colorado so I can stay with my 14 year old little sister so that she can have someone to be there for her while she is grieving, otherwise I would gladly get both seasons on Blu-Ray.

A few of the other wonderful comments about why fans need the Blu-ray have been posted below. 

Da Vinci's Demons: season 2 Blu-ray an epic viewing experience

The Da Vinci's Demons season 2 Blu-ray and DVD are released in the US today, and are available to buy via Amazon and other retail outlets. AlienBee has shared a great review of the Blu-ray online.

Bottom line is, Da Vinci’s Demons: The Complete Second Season not only offered two more episodes than the freshman season but David S. Goyer and his team really took everything to the next level. I would just about say that this season was an epic viewing experience.


Inside No 9: series 2 broadcast end of March?

There was a press screening for series 2 of Inside No 9, which has had very favourable feedback on Twitter. While the people behind the show are tweeting that the new series will be returning soon, Boyd Hilton hinted that it would begin at the end of March. There is still no news about Tom's episode.


Da Vinci's Demons: creating the season 2 sets

To promote the release of Da Vinci's Demons season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray on the 3rd March, Crave Online have shared another new video which will be included in the bonus features. This one looks at the amazing sets for season 2 - there are some behind the scenes shots, with Tom, Ed Thomas, Blake Ritson, Kieran Bew and Eros Vlahos all contributing. The comments from Tom have been seen before in other recent videos.