Da Vinci's Demons: Riley in 5th episode particularly impressive

Photos of the Da Vinci's Demons cast (sadly no sign of Tom) attending last night's 2013 BAFTA Cymru Awards, have been uploaded here. The series was not nominated, though congratulations to Julie Gardner, who received an award for her outstanding contribution to television.

A few more recommendations for the Region 1 DVD / Blu-ray release have been posted online, including one from DVD Talk.

Supporting the strong production design is an incredibly solid cast, who makes the sometimes-overwrought dialogue and plots feel believable, even if it remains larger than life. Riley as Leonardo gets to run the gamut of emotions and in particular, his work in the season's fifth episode is particularly impressive, when we find Leonardo imprisoned on charges of sodomy, his mind seemingly slipping away from him as solitary confinement continues day after day.

Pop Matters erroneously believes the show makers have no idea how crazy Da Vinci's Demons really is. They also think Tom is too pretty...!?!

Da Vinci's Demons: transcript of David S. Goyer BAFTA lecture

BAFTA has uploaded audio podcasts of David S. Goyer's recent screenwriting presentation at the BFI in London. Even better, they have also made available for download, the direct transcript of the presentation and Q&A which followed. 

A fabulous and fascinating lecture (even just to read); there are lots of tit-bits for Da Vinci's Demons fans, especially from the Q&A. David S. Goyer reveals the writing process for both seasons of Da Vinci's Demons, and explains how some series characters can be expanded and developed, both during filming and from audience feedback / response - I think he was referring to Lupo and possibly Riario. Read it in full here

Questioner: What do you see as the biggest difference between TV and film in terms of writing.

Da Vinci's Demons: UK Region 2 DVD release April 2014

Disappointingly, UK fans of Da Vinci's Demons are in for a very long wait for the DVD and Blu-ray. It seems that the new release date for the UK (region 2) DVD, for season 1 of Da Vinci's Demons, is 7th April 2014.  

Amazon.co.uk and the British Video Association have both updated their release info accordingly, as Play.com did a few days ago.