Arcadia on Broadway: new stage photos online

Some fabulous new, and previously unseen photos of Tom as Septimus Hodge, in the 2011 production of Arcadia on Broadway, have been shared on the Facebook Page for costume designer Gregory Gale.

Along with the amazing photos, including this one of Tom as Septimus Hodge and Bel Powley as Thomasina, there are lovely sketches of the planned costumes for each character in Arcadia.

There are differences between the widely available production photos online and the uploaded photos. The new images mostly show Tom in character during the dress rehearsals and initial previews for the play. Tom's costumes for his character (particularly the frock coat), were altered slightly before opening night. Tom's wig was also changed to a far more flattering one... 

Never the less, these are fantastic photos, which should bring back wonderful memories for those who loved Arcadia on Broadway.

Da Vinci's Demons: new interview with a sleepy but highly charismatic Tom

As season 1 of Da Vinci's Demons began broadcast this week in New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald has shared a fascinating new interview with a sleepy Tom - he discusses his character and even filming season 2. Read it in full on the website.

Tom Riley sounds exhausted. Living's phone interview with the star of new "historical fantasy" Da Vinci's Demons was scheduled for 8.30am UK-time but it's quite some time later before the operator is able to get through to him. It turns out this is a rare morning off for the actor and it's pretty evident from his initially sleep-slurred speech that he's rolled straight out of bed to take the call, though he's a good sport about it. "It's not too bad," he says gamely, "I'm used to getting up at stupid o'clock, so nine is quite nice."

The reason Riley's feeling a little jaded is he's two months into the seven month shoot for Da Vinci's Demons' second season, which involves "five or six day weeks, and long, long, long hours". That would be a tough schedule at the best of times, especially when you're playing the eponymous lead character who's in almost every scene, but in this instance it's been exacerbated by an unusually brief break between making the first and second seasons.

Da Vinci's Demons: A Look Behind Da Vinci's Demons

To accompany the release of the season 1 Da Vinci's Demons DVD & Blu-ray on September 3rd, two new preview featurettes have appeared. Both are available to download free from US iTunes and from VUDU

Video 1: A Look Behind Da Vincis Demons has brief interviews with the producers and some of the cast on the set of season 1, including Tom. I 'think' it may be a new soundbite from Tom, but it is VERY brief anyway. Lots of lovely clips from the whole series are featured in the video.

Video 2:  Behind The Scenes - The Music does exactly what it says in the title... Composer Bear McCreary discusses his inspiration for the series score.