Da Vinci's Demons: creative Emmys hot contenders

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety have included Da Vinci's Demons production designer in their recent articles looking at the creative Emmy contenders.

An interview with production designer Ed Thomas for Variety reveals how they used CGI on set.

“Da Vinci’s Demons,” the Starz series about Leonardo da Vinci’s fictional early life, also drew on background replacements. “We used them massively,” says production designer Edward Thomas. “We treat visual effects as an extension of scenic art construction, which can be tricky because you have to make sure all the textures and shapes are transferred from the physical to the CG.” Like “Vikings,” “Demons” uses the Alexa. It’s shot in Wales, but Thomas took thousands of reference photos in Florence, Italy, where Da Vinci lived, that served as the basis for added imagery. Computerized on-set technology “allowed us to actually see the extensions on the set so we were able to light accordingly, and the actors were able to see themselves in the monitors.”

And THR has another interview.