Da Vinci's Demons: The Backlot interview part 2

The Backlot have shared part two of their interview with Tom about episode 5 of Da Vinci's Demons 'The Tower' and have also included responses from David S. Goyer. Read it in full on the website, but don't read further if you haven't seen episode 5 yet.

TBL: Let’s jump to the scene between Da Vinci and Jacopo Saltarelli. Talk to me about filming it.

Tom Riley: We were determined to show that not only was there was once something very real and strong between them, but that it hasn’t necessarily gone away. Letting Jacopo go isn’t an easy decision for Leonardo but the trial really left him with no choice. You’ll notice that later, in the bath scene with Lucrezia, just after she claims that in her pursuits ‘love is a liability,’ Leonardo responds with ‘Mine too’. I then threw a look to the secret denunciation on the bed, that we had seen in a cut away earlier, to try and subtly imply that whatever Leonardo had with Jacopo, detailed in that denunciation, was as close to true love as a man of his roving mind and insatiable curiosity could ever understand.

TBL: Why do you think it was important for us to see this scene — especially their kiss?

Da Vinci's Demons: The Tower review roundup

Great reviews for this week's show have been posted by IGN and IO9, while some lovely reviews for Tom's amazing performance in The Tower (episode 5 of Da Vinci's Demons), have also appeared over the weekend. 

The more of Da Vinci's Demons I see, the more I like the performance of lead actor Tom Riley as the mad genius. As Leonardo gets put under more and more pressure by the machinations of Rome, the deadlines of the Medicis, the needs of Florence, his chaotic personal life, and the weight of his own genius - not to mention his fate as the savior of humanity - his quirks become more pronounced. He has facial tics, he fidgets, he twitches, he sweats and roils uncomfortably in his own skin. It's broad and showy, but this is a series that rewards broad and showy, and it really accentuates the character's instability, in addition to his genius. It's not subtle, but it's interesting and this is a show that strives above all else to be eye-catching. Den of Geek

Da Vinci's Demons: episode 6 The Devil trailer & stills

The official Starz Da Vinci's Demons website has 2 new video clips. First is one titled Mystery and the other a preview trailer for next week's episode "The Devil". Both only viewable in US, though the trailer below is viewable to all.

The site also has a few new stills for episode 6 and a synopsis.

'The Devil' A clue from the Turk about the Book of Leaves sends Leonardo to Wallachia, where he encounters Vlad Dracula. Lorenzo and Piero meet the Duke of Urbino. The search for the true spy continues.


Da Vinci's Demons: 6th clip of The Tower & great previews for new episodes tonight

As new episodes of Da Vinci's Demons air on Starz in the US (The Tower) and FOX TV in UK (The Magician), some great previews and reviews have appeared online.

The Guardian list The Magician in its TV highlights for tonight.

Not for the squeamishly insistent on historical accuracy but no matter: the sets are ravishingly lavish and the dialogue delivered with the unabashed fruitiness that belongs to the great historical epics of the 1970s.

As well as sharing this character map from Starz, SciFi Mafia think The Tower is the best episode yet.

If you are a fan of Tom Riley as Leonardo da Vinci – and you should be – plan your evening around watching tonight’s new episode of Da Vinci’s Demons; his performance is breathtakingly good. The whole episode is excellent but Riley’s work will haunt you. And speaking of “haunting”, yes, the is-it-supernatural-or-is-it-something-else thread does continue tonight.