AIR - The Film (The Hybrid Project)

Tom tweeted photos and links to details of his latest short film project 'AIR', which he is currently shooting at the V&A in London along with Antonia Thomas.

AIR is an exciting science fiction film directed by Emma Maclennan - the innovative product of The Hybrid Project, an ambitious collaboration between designers, artists and film-makers.


Life in the subterranean living facility SECUROS© is regimented. The facility has been inhabited for a long, unknown period of time, the people within believing that Earth was destroyed by apocalyptic windstorms. Their history tells them that life in SECUROS© is a test by a higher power: if they demonstrate their faith in this idea then they will ultimately be rewarded with a second life on Earth.

Da Vinci's Demons: not for the faint hearted?!

MSN have posted a great preview of upcoming cult TV shows which will air in the UK, and have included Da Vinci's Demons.

This hugely-anticipated offering will find its way onto ever-reliable digital channel FOX here in the UK. It follows Leonardo Da Vinci's formative years and stars Tom Riley (lately seen on ITV medical drama Monroe) in the title role.

Incidentally, the cast is almost entirely British and it was shot in the UK. Da Vinci's Demons is produced by a stellar British team with Julie Gardner (Doctor Who, Life on Mars) and Jane Tranter (Little Dorrit, State of Play) as executive producers.

Billed as 'historical fantasy', the series is reportedly 'not for the faint-hearted' according to the press release. Expect sex, scandal, intrigue, murder and mystery. But isn't that the way these days?

There is a lovely interview with Blake Ritson on Access Hollywood where he discusses his role as Count Riario in Da Vinci's Demons.

Da Vinci's Demons: Germany broadcast confirmed for 17th April

The FOX channel in Germany has announced the broadcast date for the Da Vinci's Demons premiere, which will be April 17th at 21.45 hours. 

The German channel has added a Da Vinci's Demons website with this gorgeous photo of Tom as a background, as well as more photos from episode 1.