Da Vinci's Demons: Huff Post and Futon Critic interviews & GQ's most stylish man?

The Futon Critic and Huff Post have shared their interviews with Tom online. The interview for The Futon Critic is via video, but not embeddable, so watch it on their website. 

In the Huff Post interview, Tom and David S. Goyer address the question of da Vinci's sexuality in the series. Read the full interview on the site. 

Since the promotional trailers have shown da Vinci in bed with a woman, some have speculated that, much like the controversial 2004 movie interpretation of Alexander the Great's life, the producers might be attempting to downplay speculation about da Vinci's sexual orientation.

"The fact of the matter is that he was put on trial for sodomy twice, and given that was such a big event in his life and was documented, I think we would be doing the character and the show a disservice if we didn’t delve into it," Goyer insisted. "It’s kind of funny because we showed the first trailer and the reaction was, “Oh my God. He’s having sex with a woman!"

Clearly, that’s it," Riley laughed. "It’s a flash of something and trust me, there are flashes of other things. They’re just not in the trailer." Still, da Vinci was also rumored to have his share of female lovers as well.

"He certainly knew Lucrezia Donati. Nobody knows if they were ever together, and supposedly one his lovers was the Duchess of Milan, and various other people. And the woman -- whose name escapes me right now -- who was possibly the identity of the Mona Lisa," Goyer observed.

"There’s no mention of any lovers particularly, male or female, in his entire diary," Riley pointed out. "I find that fascinating -- that either there’s no mention because he was some kind of renaissance Morrissey or because something about that was so painful he got rid of it all, which is far more dramatically interesting to us anyway."

Da Vinci's Demons: 5 Questions with ET Online and brilliant Hollywood Life interview

ET Online have shared their 5 Questions with Tom. Read it in full on the website. 

ETonline: What do you want people to take away from Da Vinci's Demons?

Riley: I hope they see a new side to this character that they think they know. I think we've given it gravity, weight and an emotional connection throughout -- the stories are heart-wrenching the further we go. But it's proper entertainment and I just want people to have a hell of a lot of fun watching it.

A lovely interview Tom did with Hollywood Life, which was tweeted about yesterday, has been uploaded to You Tube. There is mention of the 'steamy scenes' in the show...

Da Vinci's Demons: Fantastic Show Patrol review and new WSJ interview

A wonderful new interview with Tom along with this gorgeous photo for the Wall Street Journal has been shared online. Tom gives some fascinating background to playing such a multi faceted character. As always, read it in full on the website.

“I really just prepared each scene individually,” Riley, 32 years old, said of portraying da Vinci’s many facets. “Bring the vulnerability here, have the arrogance, charm there. Cruelty there. Play the contradictions you read about, try and put them all into one body.” “Da Vinci’s Demons,” which premieres on Starz tonight, was filmed in Wales.

Riley, who lives in North London, sat with Speakeasy for coffee in Manhattan to discuss taking on the ultimate Renaissance man.

In almost every scene you’re bare-chested, and you sport a beard. How did you get the look?

Da Vinci's Demons: 8 reasons to watch and other great previews

After Elton has posted a really lovely preview article / interview for Da Vinci's Demons entitled Eight Reasons To Give Starz's "Da Vinci's Demons" A Look. Read it in full on their website. 

Tom Riley’s chest hair: Got your attention, right? In actuality, Riley brings much more to the role than the sexy tufts of hair that ooze from his oft-open shirts. In fact, as the actor explained, he gave it his all to do his best work. “I was up at crazy o’clock every day. I’d do an hour of working out to try to be very lean and thin because he moves constantly…I just had no time. The lines were huge. I also wanted to make it look relatively effortless for him, as though these huge amounts of dialogue were easy…it was just the magnitude of the role that was the hardest thing for me.” Goyer definitely thinks this is just the beginning for Tom Riley. “Tom is going to be a major, major, major film and television star. I really do believe he’s going to be one of the great actors...