Pushing Dead

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Pushing Dead: Tom Riley as Mike brings an understated performance

Pushing Dead continues with its many international festival screenings, and this coming weekend, will be shown twice at the BFI Flare festival in London. In advance of the festival, a lovely review for the film, and Tom's performance, has been shared on this website.

...Tom Riley as Mike, the man Dan crosses paths with so often it must be fated, brings an understated performance whose natural rapport with Roday provides much of the film’s heart.

Pushing Dead doesn’t always play out as expected. Don’t be put off by thinking it’s a ‘typical’ indie, there’s more than enough oddball narrative digressions to make it a bit different from usual fare. The cutaways, creepy young girl, and occasionally surreal moments allow the film to be all the more memorable and entertaining. A character over plot piece, Pushing Dead is warm, entertaining and, surprisingly, rather delightful. 

Pushing Dead: one of the funniest comedies made in a long time

As Pushing Dead screens at two Australian film festivals this month - Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Mardi Gras Film Festival, FilmInk shared a lovely review of the film. 

Illness is always the toughest subject to broach in film, especially if that film is a comedy and that illness is something as extreme as HIV. But every so often you capture lightning in a bottle: a brilliant first time writer-director (Tom E. Brown) will team up with an actor well-known for his deadpan comedic timing (James Roday), and, with an eccentric cast and a fresh take on a tough subject, things will just click, creating one of the funniest comedies made in a long time.

Dan Schauble (Roday) is a struggling writer in the San Francisco mission district who, after his mother sends him a $100 birthday check, no longer qualifies for full health care. That’s a bit of a problem, seeing as he’s HIV positive. With his medication running out and his career going nowhere fast, Dan must find a way to get his medication as he balances crazy friends, a new romance and the overwhelming weight of his disease.

Pushing Dead: world sales rights acquired by Shoreline

Screen Daily recently announced news of worldwide sales for Pushing Dead, after Shoreline picked up worldwide rights at February's EFM in Berlin, while this site reveals more festival screenings for the film at the River Run International Film Festival in April.

River Run International Film Festival

  • Saturday 1st April 2017 10am - A/PERTURE 1, Winston-Salem
  • Saturday 8th April 2017 7pm - Hanesbrands Theatre, Winston-Salem 

Pushing Dead: festival screenings coming up in US, UK, Canada & Australia

Pushing Dead will be screening at six new festivals in the coming weeks. UK and Australian fans finally have a treat!

Sedona International Film Festival, Arizona

Wed, Feb 22 9:10 AM
Sat, Feb 25 9:00 PM

Mardi Gras Film Festival, Australia (various locations)

Wed, 1 Mar 6:15 PM Event Cinemas George Street
Fri, 10 Mar 8:00 PM Mount Vic Flicks
Fri, 31 Mar 7:00 PM,Riverside Theatres Parramatta

Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Australia

Sat,18 Mar 6:00 PM ACMI Cinema 2

San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, California.

Friday, March 17 4:00pm Palm Theatre
Sunday, March 19 1:00pm Palm Theatre