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Congratulations to Tom and all the Da Vinci's Demons team for the season 2 wrap today. Tom now deserves some well earned rest, and the giant bar of chocolate he said he has waiting for him. 

While we wait for the season 2 publicity to begin again next year, it's worth buying the Da Vinci's Demons Collector's Edition Soundtrack. Along with the wonderful score by Bear McCreary, Tom, David S. Goyer and Blake Ritson have contributed to the CD 'sleeve notes'. Read more and see screenshots of the CD artwork here

I love it. And if I wasn't playing the character, then it would be my phone's ring-tone, so I could hear its soaring strings every time someone called me. But I am, so I can't. To be honest, it's already bad enough I wear the leather jacket whenever I go to the shops. Tom Riley

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