The Shadow Hours: Mindfield Film Festival Gold Award

The Los Angeles Minefield Film Festival runs monthly competitions for submitted films, and The Shadow Hours won a Gold Award in the April 2017 competition!

The annual Minefield Film Festival will take place in August 2017, and monthly competition winners are automatically in the official selection for the festival. Look out for a screening of The Shadow Hours!

Starfish: DVD extras included

Included on the Starfish DVD released today, are a number of interesting extras, which certainly provide an added reason to purchase the DVD soonest from Amazon and other retailers. None of these extras were listed anywhere that I can see, so I have included a list below.

The behind the scenes look is an re-edited version of what has been shared online in the past by Lands End, and includes onset interviews, and the above glimpse of Tom and Joanne Froggatt having some kind of photoshoot for the film. I don't think it is a deleted scene. 

The premiere interviews seem to be the ones shown at the special screenings, and also includes some of the recently shared behind the scenes glimpses. 

Starfish: Tom Riley has to deliver a gruelling physical performance

Starfish is released in the UK today, on DVD and digital. It is available to buy from Amazon, HMV, Tesco and Sainsburys. For digital fans, buy and download via Sky and iTunes.

A great new review has been shared by, who gave it 4 stars, with kind words about Tom's performance.

We’re told at the start that “all this is true” and it’s reflected in director Bill Clark’s dignified approach to the subject, one that isn’t afraid to present us with the truth of what is a lesser known - and all the more terrifying - disease. One that is contracted by 250,000 people every year and which kills 50,000.

The prosthetics bring that reality home: Tom’s stumps and the inescapable effect on his face, which means he has to drink through a straw and dribbles almost constantly. It means Tom Riley has to deliver a gruelling physical performance, especially during the watershed moment at the end of the film. In such a dignified movie, he’s a man who’s lost his own personal dignity.

Starfish: new behind the scenes video and interview with Tom

To promote the DVD and digital release of Starfish tomorrow in the UK, a new still of Tom as Tom Ray has been shared on Facebook, along with a new behind the scenes video. It appears to be the same behind the scenes glimpses shown at October's special screening, and interview with Tom from the premiere.

Buy / pre-order Starfish on Amazon and iTunes UK

Starfish: Tom Riley interview to promote DVD release

An audio snippet from one of Tom's interviews at the Starfish premiere last October has been uploaded to Sound Cloud, as part of the promotion for the UK DVD release on Monday 24th April 2017.

In addition, a video interview with Joanne Froggatt and Bill Clark shared on Facebook, also has a very brief glimpse of Tom behind the scenes while filming Starfish in 2015. It isn't clear whether the official Starfish social media team will share the rest of the behind the scenes footage shown at the special screenings last year.

Listen to the audio clip and watch the video embedded below. Pre-order the Starfish DVD now from Amazon UK.