The Collection: the large cast is first-rate from top to bottom

Just one day until The Collection launches on Amazon Prime Video USA - watch all 8 episodes from tomorrow, 10th February! The cast and crew of the show truly deserve a great audience to find and watch and love The Collection.

There continues to be next to no social media promotion for the show from the official Amazon accounts. So sadly there are absolutely no new photos nor videos of Tom as Claude Sabine to share. At least there are two great new previews for show which have been shared online, from Huffington Post and SF Chronicle. 

The eight-part series, a French-British production, naturally does provide some pure fashion moments. More often it uses the fashion world to illuminate a time when the desire to embrace a brighter future can’t obviate the need to examine a darker past.

The large cast, first-rate from top to bottom, also includes Mamie Gummer as Helen, Paul’s American wife, and Irene Jacoby as Marianne, Nina’s mother and an executive at Sabine.

The Collection: the cast is stuffed to the seams with talented thesps

The search continues for new promotional material to share, which can be used to help spread the word that The Collection launches on Amazon Prime USA this Friday, 10th February!! There is sadly, absolutely nothing from Amazon, although North has included the show in its latest 'best of streaming' list.  


From Oliver Goldstick, the man behind “Ugly Betty” and “Pretty Little Liars,” comes a stylish series set in Paris after the end of World War II. The action pivots on two clashing brothers (Richard Coyle, Tom Riley) who are tasked with restoring their family’s fashion empire to its former glory. But as they struggle to sew up the necessary profits, they also have to deal with the repercussions of their loathsome bargains with the Nazis. The cast is stuffed to the seams with talented thesps including Mamie Gummer, Sarah Parish, Irene Jacob and, especially, the powerhouse Frances de la Tour. On Amazon.

The Collection: RollingStone's best movies & TV shows to stream in February

The Collection is launched for streaming on Amazon Prime USA in 1 week, Friday 10th February. Of course there is STILL no promotion from the official Amazon social media accounts. It isn't like the audience for online show The Collection is online, or anything... Don't let that stop you watching next week, on Amazon Prime.

The Collection has been recommended in previews from three new online publications. 

The Collection (Feb. 10th, Amazon) The streaming service's latest big-ticket buy is a WWII-era period piece about a Parisian fashion house poised to rival Netflix’s The Crown for sheer opulence, U.K. division. Desperate Housewives writer Oliver Goldstick brings plenty of intrigue to the story of antihero designer Paul Sabine, on a dogged mission to re-energize French fashion under the specter of global war. He's got demons of his own, natch – like passing off his closeted brother’s ideas as his own, and some possibly unsavory things done during the Occupation as well. Historical style-porn with an agreeably pulpy plot? So hot right now. RollingStone

The Collection: InStyle's shows to watch in February

In 9 days, on February 10th 2017, The Collection will be launched on Amazon Prime USA. Despite the streaming date being so close, there appears to be absolutely no promotion from Amazon at all. There is also scant mention in the US press; just an inclusion in various lists of shows available to watch in February. So thankful that France 3 was able to provide such a lot of great online promotional material, to help spread the word last month. 

Come on, Amazon! Give us some new interviews, photos, ANYTHING, to help people learn about the show! Apart from the syndicated mentions here and here, InStyle US offers The Collection as a highlight. A geo-blocked trailer is embedded below, I hope - I can't actually watch it. 

The Collection: first look from Oliver Goldstick for Amazon USA

A new video interview with Oliver Goldstick to promote The Collection, launching on 10th February 2017 on Amazon Prime USA, has been shared on his Facebook Page. The video features lots of Tom as Claude Sabine. IMDb has added a few more stills and promotional photos. Nothing new of Tom as Claude Sabine, but there may be a new one of Max Deacon as Billy.