The Collection: Tom shot his first film in Paris

A new interview with Tom has been shared online to promote the broadcast of 3 more episodes of The Collection on France 3 this evening. Thank you to Tanya for kindly translating the interview into English for the website.

Since working on The Collection, Tom Riley, who plays the creator in the shadow Claude Sabine, considers fashion as an art in its own right.

Located in Paris in post-war France, The Collection tells the story of the Sabine brothers: Elder, Paul (Richard Coyle), a visionary businessman, and his younger brother, Claude (Tom Riley), a tortured creative genius. Paul is the image of the Sabine house, while behind the scenes; Claude is the primary creator of the haute couture collection. We met him in Swansea, Wales, where parts of the series were shot. 

What did you find particularly attractive in The Collection?

The Collection: sold to BBC Two in UK and PBS in US

The Collection begins broadcast on France 3 this evening. More photos have been shared online to promote the series, including some new behind the scenes photos here (including a distant glimpse of Tom), and some new photos of Max Deacon as Billy and other new cast photos here (nothing new of Tom as Claude).

An interesting interview with Alix Poisson reveals the differences between filming a series in UK and in France - longer working days and shorter lunch hours in UK, sadly. A French couturier was asked to review The Collection here, and reported that he had done something very similar to what was portrayed in the series. 

The Collection: 100 new episode stills

The Collection begins broadcast on France 3, on Thursday 29th December, beginning with the first 3 episodes from 2055 hours. To help promote the show, this site has uploaded 100 episode stills and promo images (I haven't counted to confirm the number). Many images are new, and there are lots with Tom as Claude Sabine that we haven't seen before! 

Starfish: actor Tom Riley gives a harrowingly convincing portrayal

Not entirely sure when this review was posted by the Radio Times, but the original review for the film has been replaced by a slightly different, more detailed one, with very kind things to say about the film, and Tom's performance. 

This true-life medical saga chronicles the struggle faced by Rutland couple Tom and Nicola Ray when he was suddenly struck down by sepsis, an often fatal response to infection which sends the body's immune system haywire. After quadruple amputation and the removal of part of his face, Tom survived to confront a future he never anticipated. Thanks to convincing prosthetics (and Ray himself as a body double) actor Tom Riley gives a harrowingly convincing portrayal of a man battling understandable bitterness and self-pity. Riley is complemented by a heart-rending Joanne Froggatt as the wife and mother buckling under the strain of keeping their young family together. Evidently assembled on modest resources, writer/director Bill Clark's film treats bracing subject matter with honesty and often startling intimacy but never loses sight of the courage shown by this particular family and the many others in the country affected by a truly horrifying condition. The heroic cast certainly play their parts by raising awareness through an undeniably affecting drama. 4****

The Collection: now on France TV Pluzz and new episode stills

According to the France TV Pluzz site, The Collection is now available to buy / stream for subscribers. Terrestrial broadcast on France 3 begins next Thursday 29th December. 3 episodes will be shown that night, with 3 more on January 5th 2017, and the final 2 episodes shown on January 12th. 

Starfish: Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt give terrific performances

Starfish will continue to have screenings around the UK well into 2017, it seems. To promote the screening of the film in Leighton Buzzard on 7th February 2017, this website has kind words to say about Tom's performance as Tom Ray. 

Based on a true story, this moving British indie film sees Tom Riley (Kill Your Friends) and Joanne Froggatt (Downtown Abbey’s Anna Bates) give terrific performances as a happily married couple who suddenly have to cope with a life-threatening illness. Starfish will be followed by an exclusive Q&A with UK Sepsis Trust.

Origami Films tweeted about some other screenings this week in Wales. Check the Starfish website, and local listings for more screening dates near you.