The Collection: only 7 episodes on Amazon Prime USA?

The Collection was filmed as an eight episode series in Paris and in Swansea, Wales last year - each episode around 60 minutes long. The show was broadcast on Amazon UK, Sweden's SVT, BBC First around the world, and France 3 as an eight episode series. For some weird reason, the press release from Amazon USA announces The Collection's launch on Friday, February 10th 2017, as a seven episode series! This has been reported in Variety, The Futon Critic and Broadway World

On Friday, February 10, Amazon's original period drama series, The Collection, will premiere all seven episodes exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the US.

Already released to Prime members in the UK, the Amazon Original Series, from award-winning writer and creator Oliver Goldstick (Ugly Betty, Pretty Little Liars), is a gripping family saga where scandal and betrayal plague the Sabine family's relentless pursuit of success.

Starfish: new on set video interviews

Interviews with Tom Riley, Joanne Froggatt, Bill Clark, Pippa Cross, as well as Tom and Nic Ray, recorded on the set of Starfish, have been shared on You Tube by Land's End. This was first uploaded last October, but didn't turn up in any of my searches sadly, especially as it is the only one we have had from the set.

Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt provide some wonderful background to filming a true story from the actor's point of view, while Tom and Nic Ray describe how making Starfish brought closure for them.

Starfish: new film stills and behind the scenes photos

A frustrating lack of promotional material was shared to promote Starfish when it was released last October. For a small, independent film, stills and behind the scenes photos are a cheap and easy to distribute promotional resource, to reach potential viewers. Fans who went to the special screenings around the country were the only ones to be able to see the lovely behind the scenes glimpses from making the film, in the post screening feature. 

Lucky for us, photos still trickle through online. Melissa Lackersteen, the make-up and hair designer on Starfish, has kindly shared several hi-res stills of Tom Riley as Tom Ray on her IMDb page. In addition, Land's End has shared a great photo (above) from the set of Starfish on their website, to accompany a blog post by Tom Ray about making the film. The photo shows Tom Ray, Nicola Ray, Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt. Read the post in full on the Land's End website.

The Collection: Vogue's TV shows you should be watching in 2017

As the final 2 episodes of The Collection broadcast tonight on France 3, the above photo of Tom as Claude Sabine has been shared on here to promote the show. Vogue in France included The Collection in its list of TV shows you should be watching in 2017. 

Haute couture series The Collection

Currently on France 3, The Collection takes you behind the scenes of a haute couture house in Paris, at the end of the Second World War.

It would seem that viewers watching next month on Amazon Prime USA will get all episodes at the same time on February 10th, if this updated IMDb episode list is correct. It would be great if there was some more promotion for this USA release, but I am not hopeful after the terrible Amazon UK launch. It will be hard to beat France Télévisions and all the wonderful promotional photos they shared recently. 

No date yet for a US PBS or UK BBC 2 broadcast.

The Collection: starts streaming on Amazon US, February 10th 2017

Great news for fans in the USA. According to a new poster on IMDb and the Amazon USA site, US fans can watch The Collection on Amazon Prime from 10th February 2017. 

Series Premiere February 10, 2017. Scandal and betrayal unfold in a family’s relentless pursuit for success. Set in a post-war Paris fashion house, the series exposes the grit behind the glamour of a rising business run by two clashing brothers. The staff may have survived one war, but others loom; rivalries and romances pit family against family, protégés against mentors, and the past against the future.

Starring: Richard Coyle, Mamie Gummer, Tom Riley

It isn't clear whether Amazon will release weekly, as they did in the UK, or launch all at once. 

The Collection: new promo photos of Tom Riley as Claude Sabine

The final two episodes of The Collection will broadcast on France 3, this Thursday January 12th. Several new photos of Tom as Claude Sabine can be found on this website. You have to refresh the page to see each one, but there seems to be 6 or 7 of Tom, which we haven't seen before. Sadly all are tiny. There are lots of new set photos on there, including photos of Claude's motorbike.