Ill Behaviour: spoilerish behind the scenes photos

There is no real news about Ill Behaviour, nor hint of a broadcast date yet. However, an interview with the owner of Hilles House, one of the filming locations for Ill Behaviour last year, very briefly mentions the show - read it on this website. Punctuation heavy...

Of more interest / concern are the three, possibly quite spoilerish photos, from filming last November at Hilles House, which have been shared on the Hilles House Facebook Page. Click the link to see the post. The photos are not of Tom. 

BBC have left the building....after two weeks of filming for a new Black comedy drama - Ill Behaviour. To appear on your screens in 2017!! They have been a pleasure to have at Hilles and very respectful of the property and grounds.

Google has revealed two more cast members: Gregg Miller Burns and Kellie Blaise.

Starfish: DVD cover art and BBFC classification

Amazon UK has uploaded photos of the DVD cover art for the DVD release of the film on April 24th 2017. It is available now to pre-order.

Disappointingly, despite a LOT of deservedly wonderful reviews for the film and central performances, the marketing people decided to promote reviews from hate press sources on the DVD cover, rather than the 4 and 5 star reviews from the credible film press and broadsheets. 

The BBFC has classified the film as 15 for the video and feature versions today. I was hoping the DVD would include the lovely featurette and interviews shown at the special cinema screenings in 2016. Including that would offer a real incentive for potential fans to buy the film. Unfortunately I can't see any mention of included extras on Amazon or the BBFC site.

The Shadow Hours: new film clips & festival news

Kyle Higgins shared good news that The Shadow Hours will be screening at The Newport Beach Film Festival (20 - 27 April 2017), and The Beverley Hills Film Festival (26 - 30 April 2017). Tickets for the festivals are not yet on sale. 

There is a treat for Tom Riley fans, as Kyle has also uploaded a new video showing how The Shadow Hours was colour graded. The video contains two intriguing scenes from the film that we haven't seen before. For more news and updates about The Shadow Hours, visit the official website.

The Collection: one of the most sumptuous-looking TV shows you’ll see all year

The Collection begins its weekly broadcast on BBC First Australia, 9.30pm Tuesday, 14th March 2017. It is included in Who Magazine's recommended list - read it on issuu, while Foxtel has shared two preview articles promoting the show - here and here. No new photos or interviews have appeared online to promote the Australian launch of The Collection, but for some reason episode one has been renamed The Ideal. Surely it must be a typo...

The glamorous world of 1940s haute couture collides with intrigue, conspiracy and war crimes in BBC First’s prestige eight-episode series. As the City of Light looks to put the horror of World War II behind it, fashion impresario Paul Sabine and his brother Claude realise that Parisians want more than their bellies fed – they are also hungry for beauty. The House Of Sabine cuts a swathe through the world of high fashion, leading to one of the most sumptuous-looking TV shows you’ll see all year.

The Shadow Hours: 'Best Fantasy Film' & 'Audience Choice' winner at Juggernaut

Congratulations to Kyle Higgins and all involved with The Shadow Hours. The short film won 'Best Fantasy Film' and 'Audience Choice' award at yesterday's Juggernaut Film Festival in Chcago.

There's an interesting interview with Kyle Higgins on Chicago Now, discussing the film - there could be a feature length film in the future!

Fantasy Queen: I've been lucky enough to watch The Shadow Hours in advance of the festival. It was so intriguing and suspenseful. What inspired you to tell this story?

Kyle: You know, it’s an idea I’d had for a long time. I knew I wanted to design it as something akin to Memento—a low budget, high-concept thriller that I could go shoot as my first feature. That said, as you can probably tell, it was a complicated one to figure out… which is part of why I set it aside. I’d come back to it from time to time, but it was something I just couldn’t seem to crack.

Pushing Dead: one of the funniest comedies made in a long time

As Pushing Dead screens at two Australian film festivals this month - Melbourne Queer Film Festival and Mardi Gras Film Festival, FilmInk shared a lovely review of the film. 

Illness is always the toughest subject to broach in film, especially if that film is a comedy and that illness is something as extreme as HIV. But every so often you capture lightning in a bottle: a brilliant first time writer-director (Tom E. Brown) will team up with an actor well-known for his deadpan comedic timing (James Roday), and, with an eccentric cast and a fresh take on a tough subject, things will just click, creating one of the funniest comedies made in a long time.

Dan Schauble (Roday) is a struggling writer in the San Francisco mission district who, after his mother sends him a $100 birthday check, no longer qualifies for full health care. That’s a bit of a problem, seeing as he’s HIV positive. With his medication running out and his career going nowhere fast, Dan must find a way to get his medication as he balances crazy friends, a new romance and the overwhelming weight of his disease.