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Episode 4 of Amazon UK's The Collection, 'The Launch' is now available to watch online. The BBFC has rated the episode '12' for infrequent strong language, moderate violence.

The Launch

A detective arrives asking questions about the dead body found on Sabine property, while the pressure piles on Paul who has everything riding on the new show. When Nina's modelling debut is a triumph and Paul is lauded as the new fashion Prince, Claude must watch from the wings. But how long will he let his brother take bows for his work...

Very brief interviews with the cast have been shared by What's On TV. I think they are the ones from the series launch in the magazines. Read it in full on the website. In the latest TV & Satellite week, there is an interview with Mamie Gummer about the show. I havent found any other mention of The Collection in this week's TV magazines.

What is there to know about Claude?

Tom: “Claude is a tortured genius who is not prepared to live by the rules so he gets up to all sorts of stuff that could potentially bring down the empire.”

What does he think at the beginning?

Tom: “At the start he thinks he can live without the glory of being recognised publicly for his work, but as he watches Paul being lauded, maybe he wants to be seen…”

Why do the brothers clash?

Tom: “The brothers clash because Claude has utter contempt for the people in this world whereas Paul sees that they need them. But they love each other and have a bond that overrides everything. They also have the fashion label’s interests at heart first and foremost because Paris needs to be seen as a symbol of success like a phoenix rising from the ashes.” 

No trailer for the episode was released until today, which makes it impossible for anyone to help promote upcoming episodes. Sadly the trailer shared on Twitter is poor quality (see embed below), and the versions shared on Facebook have been cropped so most of each brief scene is cut out. Of course, no further episode stills have been shared online, nor any more promo photos.

Huge plea to Amazon, please upload episode trailers for The Collection to You Tube or share good quality ones on other social media accounts. Gifs and screenshots can be made from those. Also, episode stills. Make it easier for those of us trying to spread the word, by giving us more than just repetitive gifs to share. There is so little out there, it is frustrating! The cast and fans deserve much more.

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