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The actors, at least, do their damndest to keep your eyes on them, even as they sit unmoving in their chairs. It’s a round-robin of both recognizable faces and complete strangers as the trial goes on, each giving a more elaborate performance than the last. Tom Riley and Francois Battiste stand out in particular... The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial

...Aided by superb prosthetics and make-up effects, Riley delivers the performance of his career here, selling Tom’s plight with wonderful insight and never shying away from the rage bubbling under his surface... Starfish




Riley delivers a stellar performance that makes the audience push their own doubts, assumptions, and conspiracy theories onto him... Woman In The House

It features a superb, subtle performance from Tom Riley.... Dark Heart

The acting on Da Vinci’s Demons is quite phenomenal. Tom Riley does a charismatic turn as Leonardo Da Vinci. Equal parts cocky and haunted, Riley displays skill in knowing how far to push Da Vinci’s antics without going over the top... Da Vinci's Demons

...a fantastic star making performance from Tom Riley...Bouquet Of Barbed Wire




Riley’s Chaplin-esque Gerry is delightfully foolish, yet layered with depth and subtle sadness as he repeatedly fails to fulfil his familial obligations and secure a successful career... Dancing At Lughnasa

...And Mr. Riley (like Ms. Williams and Ms. Powley, from the British stage) is superb as the bright young man who is not Lord Byron (nor was he meant to be) but who recognizes — and bows before — real genius....Arcadia




Henry’s deeply troubling experience is relayed through three actors who play his father, war correspondent Patrick Cockburn, his mother, Jan, and Henry himself. Overwhelmingly it is Henry’s language and his attitude to his illness, handled brilliantly by Tom Riley, which lingers. Henry's Demons