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Den of Geek has shared an amusing yet interesting interview with Tom and Laura Haddock, and also a spoiler free review of the first episode of Da Vinci's Demons. 

Riley (Monroe, Lost in Austen) is our kind of leading man; one who effuses over both the Justice League and Goya, declaims against Ewoks, and uses adjectives like Lostian...

...David Goyer said that he didn’t think of this as TV but an eight-hour film. Is that how it felt making it?

TR: What was very rare for this one was that we had pretty much the entire season mapped out and all the scripts before we started, which just doesn’t happen in British TV on anything I’ve done, even on three-parters.

LH: We knew our journey from start to finish and beyond. We could go to David and say ‘Why is this happening at this point in series one episode four?’ And he’d say, ‘Well actually in series three episode one, this is…’ Then you go, ‘Oh, that’s the link’, so he has got the whole thing mapped out in his head.

TR: Even moments in season one that seem so Lostian in their ambiguity, and these kind of strange mythological moments where you go, wow that’s insane and things take a really crazy twist, I know what they are. David’s told me everything that happens in season one, even the things that sound insane, he’s like ‘This is this, and that is that’. So it’s quite nice to know that you’re not just throwing red herrings out there.

Lots of photos have been shared online from last night's premiere, and today's press conference in Florence by the various FOX International Channels Twitterfeeds, the live blog and there are some more on this website and a few lovely ones of Tom on  here.  

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