A new interview with Tom has been shared by some of the Australian press. He chats about season 2 of Da Vinci's Demons - episode 5 is on Starz tonight at 9pm, and Doctor Who.

The new season also has da Vinci coming to terms with the effects of his "blind" quest to find the Book of Leaves. "He begins to realise what he's doing is not just having an effect on other people but him as well," Riley said. "He's not the invincible man he thought he was."

Riley will soon film a guest role for the upcoming series of Doctor Who, opposite new Time Lord Peter Capaldi. "He's such a fantastic actor. I think he's going to really shape up The Doctor," he said.

"One of the things I remember so clearly as a child was watching it (Doctor Who). If I could tell the seven-year-old me, 'You're going to be in it yourself', then I'd be running around my house high on Haribo (lollies) and pumping my fist in the air."

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