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Two new interviews with Tom have been shared online. The first is via the Press Association, where Tom and Laura Haddock tell us about the weather and wellington boots David S. Goyer wore during production. A video of the interview can be found on this website, while a transcript of a slightly longer interview can be found here.  

Tom, who plays genius inventor Leonardo Da Vinci admitted it did rain a lot, but it was still a great place to film. He said: "Swansea's like a strange little greenhouse. You'd literally hit the bridge coming into Swansea and it would start to rain. And we had constant rain for six months.

"But the great thing about Wales is you've got 400 castles and the Welsh government were very generous letting us film inside them. And the landscape is very green, because of how wet it is, and so it's very lush. It's beautiful."

The second interview with Tom discussing his character has been shared by TV Fanatic

Tom Riley: One of the biggest questions in the show has been about the sexuality of Da Vinci, which some researchers say was either gay or bisexual. How much will we see in the show? Riley was very upfront in saying “what we certainly don’t want to ignore is something that could potentially make him a far more interesting and complex character and, of course, because issues of sexuality at that time were potentially a matter of life or death so that will feed into the show but we strongly believe that he wouldn’t be confined by expectations and what to a normal man might seem off limits, nothing is off limits to Leonardo.”

Da Vinci is also portrayed as quite the arrogant man, but was that a challenge for the British actor to play?

“You feel slightly that some of the pressure is taken off because he didn’t care. It’s the thinking that if you’re constantly the cleverest man in the room and you’re constantly frustrated by everyone else in the room but really you aren’t too concerned about how you’re perceived.” Riley said he tried to open Da Vinci up emotionally for the audience with the “moments of vulnerability. There are moments where you really see what drives him, what upsets him and what throws him off balance and that’s where I could earn the slightly more ‘dickish’ bits.”

More lovely photos of the team from the Da Vinci's Demons Florence Press Tour, originally seen on the live blog, have been uploaded to this website

Bear McCreary has shared some behind the scenes thoughts on composing the Da Vinci's Demons score here

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