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A transcribed version of one of the NYCC roundtable interviews has been shared by Geek Chic Elite. They also shared 2 new photos from the NYCC press line - one of Tom alone and one also with Gregg, Blake and Laura. Read the transcribed interview in full on the website. 

In the closing shot of season two you are [SPOILER!] about to blow up your mom that you just spent two seasons looking for so what can you say in broad, hinting terms as to what we are going to see about that in season three?

Yes, or am I about to? The thing is I want to tell you something and I’m sure John Shiban will come over here and give it all away and I’ll feel bad about hiding it. But, all I will say is that the decision he makes in the first five minutes of the new season will affect everything from that point on. The next ten episodes will all be a result of what he chooses to do or not do, but we’ll wrap it up very quickly. That was a mean cliffhanger.

We’ve seen a lot of scenery changes in the past two years with characters going across the globe and now we’re back home in Italy again for the third season, is that correct?

We can’t necessarily continue on the quests that’s driven him for the past two years because it’s all come home to roost. The invasion that’s been brought down partly by Lucrezia is going to affect Italy in such a gigantic way that he’s going to find himself tested in ways that he hasn’t been before.

What can we expect from your character going forward and where does he currently stand?

Right at the end of season two he lost Verrochio. We started the show with almost a superheroic Leonardo da Vinci; a man who could seemingly invent things overnight; a man who was unchallenged by everyone around him and who was arrogant as a result. Very cocky. We just tried to say how will he eventually become the man that we know from the history books. What has to happen to him in order to marry up with the person that is in society’s view. We decided we were going to knock him off of his pedestal hard and the end of season two was the beginning of that.

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