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The latest TV Guide Magazine (10-23 March in the US) has another interview with Tom and preview of season 2 episode 1 - due to broadcast in 17 days. Although all the promo photos and trailers indicate the storylines we can expect, the TV Guide preview is quite revealing. Thanks again to Bettay for the heads up. The magazine will be available to buy online from Zinio and Amazon Kindle.

Will Da Vinci be sacrificed to the Incan sun god?

"There is a flash-forward in our season premiere where it truly seems that all is lost," says Riley Da Vinci's New World The Brat genius is about to grow up. Da Vinci's Demons returns for Season 2, picking right up from last June's explosive cliffhanger that left Florence in bloody turmoil: The Pazzis were trying to assassinate the ruling Medici clan, with help from the Vatican's gay pope, while a gravely injured Lorenzo (Elliot Cowan) had the shocking realization that his mistress, Lucrezia (Laura Haddock), was also bedding his good pal Leonardo da Vinci (Tom Riley).

Now, in the ultimate make-good, da Vinci will insist on donating his blood in a brutal, Renaissance-style transfusion in order to save Lorenzo's life. "When the series started, Leonardo didn't give a damn how his bad behavior affected the people around him, but now that bad behavior is starting to affect him too," Riley says. "He's going to have to mature, grow some compassion and empathy, and understand his place in the world." And it's a big world.

This season, Leonardo, who will finally get serious about finding the mystical Book of Leaves and uncovering the secret history of his mother-will venture across the Atlantic to South America, where he will be captured and marked for sacrifice by the Incas. That's not all: Series creator David S Goyer posits the idea that maybe it was da Vinci who discovered the New World, not Amerigo Vespucci, Christopher Columbus and all those other claim-to-faimers. Goofy? No doubt.

"But this is our new wheelhouse," Riley says. "We were nervous last season when we had Leonardo meet Vlad the Impaler [the real-life inspiration for Count Dracula]-something that had slim-to-none chance of ever happening historically. But the audience went crazy for it. It made us realize, 'This is what our show is about!'"

Tom, who is in the US just now it seems, will be interviewed for Showbiz Junkies today - and they are looking for questions from fans!

This photo of Tom with Bear McCreary was kindly shared by Raya Yarborough on Twitter, who revealed they were being interviewed together (and also the fact that Tom is in the US!).

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