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Starz are broadcasting a behind the scenes preview for Da Vinci's Demons at the moment on the Blockbuster Channel. Check provider listings for schedule details - there appears to be multiple broadcasts. FOX UK will be doing the same from 12th April at 10pm. Again check listings. 

A few more interviews with Tom have appeared online. This one for TV Zoom is in Italian only. Another brief interview (in English) accompanies an article about Da Vinci's Demons on Bend Bulletin.

“He was so mercurial," says Riley, “and so much was written about how his mind flitted from one thing to the next, and how frustrated he got, how charming he could be when necessary, and then how angry he would get. “To get to play all these different things in one role, in one job, that’s a gift."

As to what he might think of this version of Leonardo if he met him in life, Riley says, “How you would feel when you met him is like a hundred different people at once — depends on what day you met him."

A lovely opportunity to listen to Tom's gorgeous speaking voice comes via an interview on Repubblica.it. As the trailer for Da Vinci's Demons plays, Tom's interview is dubbed over it. He chats about costuming for the series and learning about Leonardo da Vinci. 

Even more gorgeous photos have been shared from this week in Florence. David S. Goyer has shared a number of  great photos of Tom on his site, while the Katso Facebook Page has shared photos of the premiere as well as an interesting photo of the FIC Press Pack for the show.


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