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The current issue of SciFi Now has a 4 page feature on season 2 of Da Vinci's Demons. It is available to buy online. 

An interview with new costume designer Trisha Biggar explains Leonardo's season 2 look. 

Leonardo lost his iconic jacket at the end of season one, so costume designer Trisha wanted to create a new jacket that would have a contemporary feel with a period take. She introduced a more tapered silhouette that echoed the effortless style a genius needs. The new jacket was slim-fitting and structured with alternating fabric and leather panels to suggest the strong, rugged side of Leonardo’s character and to reflect the fashion for slashed fabrics in that period.

As Leonardo sails to the new world, he uses his jacket as a drawing board to work out his journey over water and under starry skies. The jacket needed to be worked to incorporate copies of original da Vinci astronomical sketches.

To reflect Leonardo’s journey of time, and give him a different feel from the first season, his hair was grown out. We had to find the right wig that would be workable for different styles. The team permed the wig and added texture to give a rugged look. They also kept some pieces long enough to tie back and keep away from his face if needed for the scene.

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