An interview with Tom and David S. Goyer, from NYCC last October, has been shared by Examiner.com along with this photo. They discuss season 2, blood transfusions and the Mona Lisa. Read it in full on the site. 

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How does it feel to get out of da Vinci’s workshop and to be out and about?

Tom Riley: It’s fantastic, actually. It’s very interesting. I just shot a scene when we finally get back, and it was a very strange sort of a feeling. When you are a kid and you go back home, everything suddenly, the house feels smaller. Your yard feels smaller. And it was that sort of strange sort of feeling on the set as you go back to the workshop, and having done these huge wide open spaces, and seeing the scope that the show can go to. You go back to the workshop and think, “Why this feels small. We’ve got somewhere else to go.”

At the end of season one, Leonardo chooses to go save Lorenzo instead of getting on the ship like he is supposed to. Can you discuss the ramifications of this?

TR: Certainly the Turk thinks he’s not, he’s abandoned his quest. Yes there are ramifications, the problem is he’s in a tight spot with Lorenzo, literally and figuratively the man’s has his hands to his neck. Elliot Cowan is like six foot four. It was a very difficult situation to get out of. There’s obviously going to be emotional ramifications and physical ramifications for that. But David and the writers came up with the most ingenious way to solve both of those issues at once in the first episode that will actually lead to…that will actually strengthen everything he needs to go on the rest of the quest. We can talk about that. Can we talk about that?

DG: Sure.

TR: So, yeah. I reckon. The blood transfusion?

DG: Yeah.

TR: So there’s a very early version of a blood transfusion in the first episode. Of Leonardo deciding the only way he can potentially save Lorenzo’s life is by pouring his own blood, and I think you see a glimpse of in the trailer, into Lorenzo’s arm. Fortunately he has no idea about blood types, which they must just be the same. It just worked out.

DG: They kinda become, well they do become, blood brothers.

TR: Blood brothers. So it’s a very, it’s a very, it’s a smart way of to get out of a very, very difficult situation.

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