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Three new video interviews with Tom Riley and Laura Haddock, from the set of Da Vinci's Demons season 3, have been shared by FX Turkey on You Tube. Sadly they are all geoblocked. Again. FX Turkey also uploaded 3 geo-blocked video interviews with Gregg Chillin and Blake Ritson here, here and here.

In the first video, for those who can't get access, Tom and Laura appear to be discussing the fan reaction at NYCC in 2014, though the event isn't mentioned. Tom explains how the buzz they get from knowlegeable fans, helped give them a spring in their step on returning to Wales. 

It’s nice, because they are not just excited about the third season, they know the last two seasons intimately. To have people stand up and ask questions that are so insightful about the characters, obviously means they care so much about the arcs and storylines, it just kind of makes you feel like it’s for something. Like it’s all worthwhile. It does mean the world. We love coming here.

The second video focuses on the new season, and what changes John Shiban brought the show to deepen the characters and storylines.

This season feels like a rebirth of the show. It’s finally found exactly what it is, what it wants to be, and is taking that and running with it. John Shiban, our new show runner, has been very keen on going deep into the characters, and into the richness of them, and is trying to make the show as big in scope, if not bigger than before. But at the same time, delving deeper into the more nuanced, smaller moments between characters. Whereas previously Leonardo went outside the world, left the world, this year the world is coming to him. And an invasion on a global scale is going to hit Italy. We are going to see exactly how they cope with that, over the course of 10 brand new, and I think better than anything we’ve ever done, episodes.

The third video is all about the relationship between Leonardo and Lucrezia, and hints at what may happen in the final season.

For Leo, they have always been on very similar paths, the pair of them. And they have both been trying to make up for their sins previously. He needs her to be forgiven, so he can forgive himself. Because he recognises that a lot of the stuff she has done, he is guilty of himself. So, in her he understands why she could have done it, more than anyone else could. He comprehends what she has been through, and he connects with her on a very deep level like that. It doesn’t mean that they are going to have as much time together to explore it, and evolve it, but I think it’s evolving as they go through their individual life experiences. They are beginning to understand one another more.

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