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This week's TV Choice magazine in the UK has an interview with Tom, discussing season 3 and the legacy the show has left on him. Part of the interview is word for word exactly the same as recent interviews shared by MCM Buzz and SFX, which is strange. But I guess they could all have interviewed Tom at the same time, or accessed the same press resources. The full scan has been uploaded to the galleries. 

Waving goodbye to Leo will be a wrench, but the role has left its legacy on Tom. "I'm less lazy. When I wake up and realise all I've done is watch Sunday Brunch, I have a long hard look at myself!"

You may have missed the fanfare and excitement of the FOX UK promotion, as the season 2 DVD and Blu-ray were released on November 16th. Finally. Season 2 is available to download via iTunes UK and also Amazon Video.

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