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An interview with Tom, promoting Da Vinci's Demons season 3, was shared in a recent issue of Total TV Guide. It is written by the same author as the recent TV Choice interview (a sister magazine), but has a couple of new nuggets for Tom fans. The full scan is in the galleries. 

It's been a thrilling season so far - is this a credit to new show runner John Shiban?

The first two series were very bombastic and exciting, but John has delved deeper into character. This season feels darker and richer, but doesn't scrimp on the action. I'm still being dropped on my head and having explosions go off on my face.

Has it been fun to film?

Of course it has - I'd be lying if I said it wasn't. When it's a beautiful day and you're fighting 100 Turks out on a fabulous set on the backlot, it's amazing. On the other hand, when it's pouring down and you're up to your knees in mud you think 'Why can't I do a scene where I'm having a cup of tea?'. 

Did you know any of your co-stars previously?

Elliot Cowan and I were at Birmingham University together. He was there when I was applying, and was on the cover of the prospectus dressed as a God with a giant white beard, sitting on a cloud. I thought, 'I want to go to this uni!'

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