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The very long, painful wait of 2 weeks for Da Vinci's Demons season 2 (for UK fans), following the premiere on Starz, ends tomorrow night. The new season will finally broadcast on FOX TV tomorrow night at 10pm!

To promote the season 2 premiere, Tom appeared on ITV's 'This Morning' show today, looking incredible as you can see from the photo kindly shared on the 'This Morning' website. The interview has been uploaded and is available to watch on ITV Player, for those who missed it.  

Big-budget drama Da Vinci's Demons is back on our screens this weekend and star of the show, Tom Riley, joined Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning to talk about the second series of the cult TV hit.

The thespian is feeling rather secure in his role as the renowned Italian artist. He said: "We know he lives to 60, I feel very safe in comparison to the rest of the cast!"

Tom has learned a variety of new skills to add to his CV while filming the show. "Sword fighting I can now do," he said. "I’m right handed and he was seen as being ambidextrous. I have to look through a scene and think I’m going to do things with my left. Left handed people want to claim his as one of theirs and quite rightly so."

He did, however knock on the head the rumours that he works out in his home. Tom said: "I don’t have a gym in my basement. I don’t even have a basement! My girlfriend said I could put some dumbbells by the bin if I wanted.

"You do need stamina or else you don’t get through the eight months of filming."

Find out more about the cast being chased by tourists in Cardiff in the video above. Series two kick off tomorrow (Friday, April 4) at 10pm on Fox.

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