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A feature in the Australian Empire magazine, Spring / Summer issue (November 2015), looks at season 3 of Da Vinci's Demons which was broadcast in Australia last December. The article includes an interview with Tom who reveals how dangerous filming the show was for the final season. 

Riley teases that he nearly set fire to himself filming a stunt for a new episode, but wont disclose the details.

"We have a new stunt team led by Nick Gillard, who worked on some of the Star Wars films, and he is very much of the adage that if you can do it yourself, then you should.  So this season I have swung on ropes, crashed into walls, and had explosions go off in my face. It's all been quite dangerous. 


A review for the season 3 DVD release has been shared on this site,  which describes the final season as uneven and goofy, but still hugely watchable. It is very clear that the reviewer hadn't watched the first 2 seasons, therefore could not possibly appreciate the huge character arc and journey Tom's Leo displayed over 3 seasons. Ditto the appearance of Vlad in season 3. 

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