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Dark Heart episode 4 is on ITV at 9pm tonight, with Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe. BritBox subscribers in the US and Canada should also be able to see the episode. In fact, BritBox is offering the original ITV Encore version of Dark Heart as a bonus. If you missed last night's episode on ITV, it is available for catch up on ITV Hub

As the team delve deeper into the mysterious poisonings, attempts to cover up the supply chain signifies to Staffe that those responsible have a powerful influence. But as the pressure builds for Staffe to excavate buried links between Sofie Cerna and Nick Kyriacou, storms brew closer to home. Staffe makes his sister’s fiancé Paulo an offer that will have far reaching consequences, but an unforeseen revelation puts him less in control of the situation than he had designed.

The Radio Times has shared an interesting article about the police officer who advises on shows like Dark Heart, and explains how accurate we can expect the shows to be. Also of interest are the great new stills of Tom Riley from the show on the site.

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