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Two excellent videos have been shared on Vimeo, to promote Dark Heart at the recent MIPCOM. The first is a  6 minute clip from the show, the second is a long preview trailer. Hopefully they wont be deleted.

Normally ITV is very good at releasing DVDs and uploading to iTunes quickly after broadcast. Unfortunately this time, there is no sign of a DVD or iTunes release, for fans who are not in UK or do not have Sky. There haven't been any reviews as such since broadcast, but this site did like Dark Heart, not so much the weird  blurry effects. Read it in full on The Killing Times

Based on the novel Suffer The Children by Adam Creed, this feature-length, one-off is a curious beast. It has a decent, top-line cast and some high production values. It’s also adapted by Unforgotten and Some Mother’s Son’s Chris Lang, so it has very decent pedigree on both sides of the camera. So what’s it doing marooned out on ITV Encore?...

...So we have Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demon, Monroe) playing DI Will Wagstaffe, an attractive man who more than fills a brief we’ve grown to know so well over the years – the tortured detective. He’s angry, he’s myopic and brilliant, and respected by his colleagues. He’s also tormented by the murder of his parents and is prone to fits of anger...

...Dark Heart really isn’t anything we haven’t seen before – it’s solid procedural with attractive people swanning around the capital. But what makes a difference here is that it’s a two-hour film, and it feels like an uninterrupted story with nice little cliffhangers dropped in every now and then, some pleasing acting and main character, despite being a bit Poundshop Luther, you grow to quite like. It’s just entertaining, well-paced and well put together. My gripes? Miranda Raison in scandalously underused and there’s a very annoying constant soft focus around the edges of the frame. Please stop this immediately.


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