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A new interview with Tom for The Sun, talking about working with Charlotte Riley, was shared a few days ago, but was lost in the flood of great Starfish reviews. 

Speaking ahead of the drama’s launch on ITV Encore on November 9, Tom told how he would feel the weight of heavy emotional storylines and was grateful for some on-set laughs with co-star CHARLOTTE RILEY.

He said: “Charlotte, who’s very funny and very silly, had the same mindset as I did between takes. “She wanted to switch off and d*** about, dancing and joking, which is useful and helpful.”

He said co-star Charlotte was a breath of fresh air in between takes Tom’s mood as the DI was also lifted because the stars kept getting interrupted by drunken passers-by and stag dos as they filmed in some of London’s busiest locations on a Saturday night.

The actor, above, said: “Trying to deal with people who are drunk and trying to leer into the camera as you go past, it gave the whole thing a sort of guerilla shoot feel. “It was like, ‘We’ve got ten minutes to get this scene before that stag comes out of that pub’. ”

The new photo of Tom and Charlotte was shared on their agent's website, finally updated with Tom's latest work, having missed the launch of The Collection and Starfish. 

A new preview video for Dark Heart has been shared on this ITV media site, and it contains a few new glimpses of Tom as DI Wagstaffe. Watch Dark Heart this Wednesday 9th November, at 9pm on ITV Encore. 

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