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According to Film Music Reporter, the soundtrack for ITV series Dark Heart, starring Tom Riley, will be released on February 22nd 2019. The series music was composed by Dan Jones, and will be released digitally by Silva Screen Records.

The series was broadcast in UK on ITV last October and in the US and Canada on BritBox in November 2018. Dark Heart has also been broadcast around the world. Sadly, there has been no news of a second series.

1. Dark Heart Titles
2. Cat and Mouse
3. Penny Drop
4. Blindfold
5. Born Fragile
6. Nausea
7. Exit Strategies
8. Awkward Questions
9. My Treat
10. Dark Days
11. Need You Now
12. City Sweep
13. Poles Apart
14. Happy_Families
15. Blind Date
16. Come With Me
17. Real Life Fantasy
18. Capacity for Pain
19. New Evidence
20. Arrivals
21. Hassi
22. Ticking Clock
23. Atonement
24. Private Matters
25. A Rougher Kind of Justice
26. Think Like a Madman
27. Twisted Love
28. Burning Doubts
29. The Dancers Downstairs
30. Open Air Cabaret
31. Curious Findings
32. Members Only
33. Sisterly Love
34. Vigilante
35. Juliet
36. Things That Would Curdle Your Blood

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